Here’s all the sales letters I wrote in 2019…

The below is a survey of the sales letters I wrote in 2019…


From a scale perspective, my biggest winner was probably Burn, which I wrote for the Sculpt Nation guys. It’s been doing somewhere between 1,000 and 3,000 front ends a day for quite a while now. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it hits 5,000+ front ends a day for the first several months of 2020. 

The copy on Burn is good, but the massive scale is because of Sculpt Nation/Vshred’s size and media buying abilities. 

[Copywriting Truth #1: Nothing makes you look better than a dialed-in client who can scale the crap out of what you give them]

I did a second offer for Sculpt Nation that just launched this week, and that I think will be a monster too. I can’t talk about this one too much yet though. When I can, I’ll share details 🙂

I did two “Beat Your Control” offers for Jeremey Hunsicker and Lee Euler. The first was for a Stem Cell Offer. They had a free trial funnel, and the control sales letter was quite good. 

Jeremey and Lee are smart guys though…

So they had me write a straight sale version of the offer. 

The reason this was wise is because it gave them two different pathways for customer acquisition…

Free trial + Straight Sale. 

By the summer of 2019, my version of the Stem Cell Letter was maintaining a 244% ROI on their Ad Spend at a pretty good scale.  

But here’s what’s even better…

For their original free trial funnel, their 30 Day AOV was $54, and their LTV was $251

For the funnel package I wrote for them, their 30 Day AOV was $301.40. 

I don’t have stats on the LTV for my funnel…

But that’s a massive jump…

Because not only does my version get them 5x more money in the first 30 days…

But the LTV is at least $50 higher too. 

One more note on this one – a big reason the offer was able to start scaling was because of a specific email creative I gave to them. 

So for the other writers on this list – when you’re providing a promo to a good client, and they ask for some email swipes, it’s really in your best interest to just give them some. 

Personally, I’ll usually just throw some in for free if the client asks… 

Because a good email creative can make a huge difference in the offer’s performance and make me look super good. 

[Copywriting Truth #2: Helping your clients succeed with your sales copy helps you to succeed in your career!]

The second Beat Your Control I did for Jeremey and Lee is for their Telomere product. All the data I’ve received so far has been that my variant has been crushing. 

This is a big deal to me because the control is one of my favorite sales letters ever, and it was done by a writer who I love and who I think is one of the best active writers today. He also happens to be on this list. 

The good news for this writer is that because I left most of his close intact, they’re going to keep paying him royalties on the offer even if mine is the long-term winner. So that’s a pretty solid consolation prize lol. 

I also wrote a new offer for the same guy who owns GS-85, the blood sugar offer we’ve had running on FB for a year and a half. This new offer is a weight loss one. It just started getting tested, but so far is doing really, really well on email, so I’m excited to see it start to scale. 

I did a new Vision offer for one of my ex-business partners. This one they just started testing in December, but it’s smashing on email. Native was a bit of a struggle at first, which surprised all of us. We figured it was probably just due to the time of year though. And the good news is that now the offer is starting to show some really strong signs on native as well. 

My guess is that this offer will end up doing between 100-500 sales a day for the client 2020, which isn’t too shabby.  

There’s also the Thyroid Offer I own with Cody Bramlett. The context on this one is that Cody and his wife wanted me and Laura to attend the Mimosa Mastermind with them in Cabo. I said I was down, but wanted to fly on a private jet (easier with Eden). 

Coincidentally, Cody had also been pushing me to take some of my old offers and refresh them, so he could run them… 

So I told him I’d refresh the thyroid offer if he agreed to use the initial profits to pay for the private jet trip.   

Cody agreed, I spent about 10 hours doing the rewrite, and then Cody got it into production. 

We paid for the private jet within the first 45 days or so of the offer being live 🙂 

This one’s not a monster, we just run it to email affiliates, but it’s nice and profitable. 

It’s grossed a bit over a million dollars in the last six months and our net profit on that has been around $400,000. Not bad for 10 hours of work! 

Offers that Haven’t Launched Yet or Where Results are Inconclusive: 

[Note, you’ll see that I’m being a bit vague with some of my descriptions here. This is intentional, and out of respect for NDAs, confidentiality, etc.]

I did two offers for the guys at Healthy Back Institute. 

The first one was a BYC for their flagship product HNS. Last I heard my version was marginally beating the control, but not by as much as I would have hoped. I gotta check in with the guys for an update. 

The second one was a new funnel for a product called SJS. This one I REALLY like the sales letter for, and I know their team is excited too. It hasn’t been tested yet, but hopefully, it does go live soon. I’m really optimistic that it’s going to do well. 

I also wrote an offer for Craig and the team at Golden Hippo that hasn’t gone live yet. 

The spokesperson for this offer is someone super famous (not Gundry), and he had a LOT of feedback on the script. Stuff like “I wouldn’t talk that way!” It was a frustrating experience for me – because I knew if he just read the script like I wrote it, the offer would probably do very well. The good news is that this offer is finally in production, so hopefully, it does well. 

Then there’s a new offer for the guys at G-Plans. I worked on this one along with Jeremy Reeves. So if it crushes, Jeremy will deserve a lot of the credit. And if it bombs, let’s all blame Jeremy for that as well 😛 

Then there are a handful of other offers for clients that are in production. These include offers for weight loss, hormonal balance, energy, cleanses, etc.

Offers That Didn’t Work Out

I did an offer for Jonathan at Organixx. 

It was for his Magi-Complexx formulation. 

I figured I could just repurpose some of my HL12 copy, tone down on the claims, and pivot the focus to being about inflammation and it would do well. 

After I was finished, Jonathan and I both liked the copy a lot, but it totally bombed.


Here are my guesses:

  • Inflammation is just too broad, not an urgent enough pain point.

  • Even though my HL12 copy was revolutionary in 2015, it’s been ripped off so many times now that the market is more skeptical and less excited by this type of messaging.

Anyways, we did a rewrite that’s being tested now, and that focuses on a different angle. Hopefully this version does better. 

There’s a gut offer with a client of mine named Jeff that’s remained an enigma. 

The initial version didn’t do well at all. But me and various copy cubs have since done several rewrites to try and crack it. 

The most recent version is converting at about 0.8%. So it’s one of those offers where it’s not bad, but not great either. 

Justin Goff talks about those being the worst offers, because you remain stuck in no man’s land. That’s kind of where we’ve been with this offer, although I do have some ideas. 

And by far the most disappointing offer I worked on in 2019 is for a guy I don’t want to mention by name. 

But he’s well known in our space and has a great reputation. 

It’s a keto offer. 

Originally the client said they wanted something super vanilla and FB Compliant. So I wrote that for him. He then said that it didn’t look like some of my other letters and accused me of not actually writing the letter myself. This obviously pissed me off, but I just dealt with it and said I’d address his issues.  

(Copywriting Truth #3: There’s often a BIG difference between what the client thinks they want, and what they actually want). 

The problem though is that between the client and this advisor guy he had – who was basically a quasi-partner and someone who was going to help him with traffic…

They kept going back and forth on what they actually wanted. I kept getting mixed signals. And it’s impossible to deliver a good sales letter to a client if they’re not clear on what they want.

So even though I thought the first sales letter was solid – I agreed to do a rewrite. But I sent the client an email laying out exactly what I was going to be doing, the approach, the big ideas, etc. I told him he needed to sign off before I did the rewrite. 

Finally, the client did sign off on my plan, and I went to work. 

I loved the new letter I wrote for him. It’s nasty, filled with great hooks, has an awesome mechanism, etc. 

And at first the client and his advisor said they were hi-fiving and celebrating and that I’d nailed it. Yay!

But then a week later, they started nitpicking things. The client’s advisor said he didn’t know if he could run traffic to it because it was different than his other offers. It just became this whole mess.

I started this project back in February of 2019. 

I provided the first sales letter at the start of March, and the rewrite at the start of April. 

In late October I think they finally tested the first sales letter (the vanilla one) with a $2,000 ad spend on FB and it didn’t do well. 

When I looked at the page though, it had MASSIVE design flaws. I told the client to fix those flaws, and I’d then cover their next round of Ad Spend for testing, up to $5,000. Not many copywriters do that, but my pride was at stake here. But I never heard back from the client – that was our last interaction. 

To my knowledge, the client has still never tested my second version, which kills me. 

At some point, it may make sense for me to reach out to the client and offer to buy the rights to that letter back because I think it’s really, really good. 

But regardless, here are some lessons I learned on this project: 

  • Not everything is going to work. Sometimes things will go south for reasons you can’t control. Or the client and the copywriter just aren’t going to work well together – for whatever reason. 
  • When you get hired by a company, it’s still really good if you just have one single decision-maker who you report to. Once you start dealing with committees, your life gets 100x more difficult. 
  • Make sure the client is clear about what they want. If they’re not clear, you won’t be able to do a good job.
  • It helps immensely if the client has a clear strategy in place for acquiring customers. Otherwise they’ll flounder around. Plus, the acquisition channel dictates the tone and style of the copy quite a bit too. 
  • For this one, I also agreed to CREATE the product for the client. So the guides, recipe books, etc. This was a HUGE mistake. Even though I figured I could delegate this to my team, it ended up being much more involved than I thought and costing way more money than I expected it to. It’s SO MUCH BETTER if the client already has an existing product, and you just need to create a compelling message to help sell it. 

Probably there are even more lessons than that, but this is turning into a very long email. 


That’s it for the losers…

Simply because there’s still a lot of stuff that needs to be tested…

Which means I can’t say if these new offers will be winners, losers, or something in between.  

Still – I figured it would be fun to do a survey of the offers I wrote in 2019…

And share them with you. 

Like I mentioned – I have to be vague in some instances out of respect for clients…

But I hope you find this email valuable. 

As for me…

We’re letting Eden sleep in because she had a bit of a stomach bug the last two days. But going to wake her up soon. 

Also, we only got back to Vegas yesterday evening. This is because of Eden’s stomach issue – we pushed back our flight a day. 

Last night, while we were in the kitchen, we noticed that one of our two cats had a massive gash across her neck. It’s pretty gnarly and gross to look at. It’s also not super fresh – looks like it’s been there for a while. 

We’re not sure what happened and we really trust the person who feeds the cats and changes their litter when we’re away. 

Overall the cat seems to be in fine spirits, but Laura is going to take her to the vet this morning. I’ll keep you guys posted on that.


P.S. Justin and I are putting the final touches on the event page for our next Copy Accelerator Mastermind which is in Las Vegas February 26th – 28th.

There will be some sit-in seats available like last time…

And like last time people will have to apply to be able to buy a ticket. 

We do this to keep the quality of people in the room ultra-high. 

Justin and I will be sharing more details about all of this in the coming days…

And for those of you who did attend September’s event – the good news is that you won’t have to apply again. 

Instead, you’ll just be able to buy a ticket

Keep an eye out for more updates! 

This post originally came from an email I sent to my private list. If you want to see more stuff like this from me, you can apply to join my list using this link

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