Reached My $20,000/Month Income Goal In Just 2 Months

“Hey Stefan,

CA Lite is one of the best investments I made this year.

I’m just in the group 4-5 months (I think). In my 2nd month, I was able to close my first client from the Lite group (which helped me reach my $20,000 income goal for the month).

That guy is also a Lite member, a business and offer owner. By just joining the Lite alone, I met lots of offer owners, who paid handsomely and value copywriters so much.

Now, I’ve got 3  more clients from Brooks’ posts alone.

Now I’m about to close 2 more clients from the CA virtual event.

And what I love the most is… These clients are REALLY testing my copy. Unlike those businesses, I worked with before.

I don’t know what they are doing with my copy. They let me write. They will pay. Then I won’t hear back from them even if I follow up. Ummmm.

As a copywriter, I am always looking for feedback and results. And I got that Lite. If all these are possible with Lite, how much more with full membership.

Yes, I’ll be joining the CA soon.

Thanks Stefan for the possibilities.”