“Namaste from India. Abi here!

First of all, you guys are really awesome.

Second, it still feels like a dream that I’ll be attending my first ever Copy Accelerator LIVE event this year. Just four months ago, I was thinking, “Geez, I’ll be lucky if I am able to attend this event in 2021.” Thank you Blake Crothers for approving my application and allowing me to have a rare chance to be a part of this rare, and caring family.

Third, I’m an RMBC-trained copywriter with experience both in the financial and the health niche. Have written for a few heavyweights in the industry like – Agora, RagingBull and Truegenerics.

Just a few months ago, the one and only Stefan Georgi chose me as one of his top 9 copywriters for a dream project with a client Alitura Naturals. Thanks to RMBC, I was able to finish the entire sales letter in 15 days time. It’s MASSIVE achievement for me especially when I’ve never written one before.

The only two things I want to do during this entire event is to learn as much as I can from all of you and see where I can help anyone in any way. No other expectations at all!

On a side note, I don’t drink or smoke. I don’t even take tea or coffee. Yeah, I am very boring but I live a really simple life. That’s who I am. I love drinking water a lot btw.

I eat little and have been doing meditation and pranayama for the last 7 years. On two occasions, I didn’t say a word for 2 and a half days simply because I got bored hearing my own voice.

So that’s about me

Looking forward to e-see you amazing folks soon.

Till then, keep on meditating. It helps!!”

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