“Learning Copy Vs. Experiencing Copy

Do you think you should have a bed?

Should you pay the cost to have a car to drive around?

The difference is…

You read a book like the ultimate sales letter by Dan Kennedy and you learn copu.

You sit in with Justin and Stefan…

And experience what to actually do.

Since joining CA Lite I have been able to take what I “experienced” and put it to use immediately.

You can actually take what you learn in the live calls, videos in members area and use it right away…

And it f*cking works.

I am an email copywriter and it has changed the results of my emails drastically.

CA Lite doubled all my metrics!

Including revenue…

If you are deciding whether or not the cost per month of CA lite is worth it.

You don’t think about the cost of driving your car vs the potential it gives you. You just  pay for your car because you need it.

That’s what my experience has been in Copy Accelerator Lite.”