I’ve been in the CA mastermind since the Vegas event. As a freelance copywriter, it’s changed my life. Couldn’t be happier about taking the leap.

Currently living in Ogden, UT and I try to snowboard and mountain bike as much as possible. I’m married and we have twin 3-year-old, which is crazy but fun. We also just got a puppy.

I curse a lot and like to drink whiskey. (I blame it on the military lol). But come to find out, people like to deal with real human beings, not robots. So being myself seems to be working out.

Super bummed we can’t do this thing in person, but we’ll make the best of it right? I’ll be heading to Oregon to watch the event with a small group of CA members (thanks Scott Mills for hooking it up!!)

Love getting to know new people, so don’t be shy!

Cheers ya’ll.”