“G’day Groovers! Pauline from Brisbane, Australia here. I’m also known as The Copy Alchemist. This will be my third Copy Accelerator Live, and my second as a full member of Copy Accelerator Gold.

Last year I went to the event in Austin and I was hooked! On Texas BBQ and Copy Accelerator! Each year (pre-Rona)… I’d travel from Australia to the US up to 4 times a year to attend events. And without a doubt, the CA events have been the best I’ve been to.

I’ve been writing copy for around 8 years now and I love it. I started out as a marketer and had to learn copywriting because I couldn’t get a copywriter to write decent copy for me. (I totally looked like a wanker!)

September is a “milestone” month for me. Back in September, 2005 I was discharged from the Army with Major Depression. My brain was so fried I couldn’t read or write, so I was functionally illiterate.

That same day, I didn’t think I had anything to live for… so I tried to drive into a tree to kill myself. But it didn’t work and here I am.

I’m so glad that I failed that day because I decided that if I have to be alive, then I need to make my life count. And I have.

I’ve climbed out of the muck hole of depression to the “A minus” list of copywriting . And now I get paid to read and write. It’s so cool!

How have I done that? By having great mentors. I’m one of Paris Lampropoulos’ current copy cubs (3.5 years and counting). And by hanging around the people I want to be like. Especially people like Justin and Stefan. So that’s why I busted my butt to join CA Gold earlier this year. And I have never regretted.

Although the time difference is brutal, I can’t wait until CA live and look forward to meeting you all.

P.S. Please excuse the photo. I haven’t been out of my house for a while. I’ll try to get a hair cut before next  week.”