Allowed Me To Raise Prices & Live Comfortably

“Just wanted to give shout out to Jay Deiboldt, Justin Goff, and Stefan Georgi.

Because of these fellas, I’m able to write upsells that are crushing right now (on top of the frontend copy.)

For example, I got stats from two of my clients just yesterday.

For OTO1 I wrote for my client in the PD niche has been converting at 48%!

And my client in the tax niche reports that an OTO I wrote for them is also doing well.

An upsell going from a $1 trial membership to a $600 lifetime membership is converting at 25+%. Which I think is pretty cool.

It’s results like these that have allowed me to raise my prices and make a comfortable living for myself.

This group of people has changed my life.

Not just the 3 people I mentioned…there are plenty more.

I appreciate all of you!”