CA Helped Us Generate $600k+ Of Revenue In A Month

“In January 2019, our revenue for the month was € 81k.

In January 2020, € 159k.

In January 2021…

We had our best month to date.

€ 552k of revenue.

Out of curiosity, I subtracted from that number our expenses and calculated what would be my percentage.

The final number left me a weird feeling.

Because it shows that…

In a single month, I earned about what my mother and father earn in 4 years of hard work…


Which is kind of crazy to think about.


In 2020 we learned the power of GOOD front end offers.

That’s what moved the needle the most of us.

Today our FE campaigns produce more than a hundred buyers per day (with the lockdown plus the holidays, we even achieved 300+ at the beginning of the year).

With the FE campaigns dialed in, we can now focus on our backend…

And make the LTV lifts.

That will make our revenue and our profit lift too.

And who knows what we can achieve next year?

Feeling pretty grateful for how things are going & wanted to share this with you.”