From Newbie to Award Winning Copywriter In Just 3 Months

“Prior to joining the Copy Accelerator program, I had never written anything longer than an email…To say I was panicked when I was unexpectedly offered the Jr. Copywriter role at my company was a total understatement! However…Immediately after the first copy call with Justin and Stefan, I took a deep sigh of relief… After working with Justin and Stefan for only 3 short months, I received an award from our CEO for delivering effective copy at a very rapid pace. I am confident that the Copy Accelerator Program is just as powerful for a true beginner as it would be for any seasoned veteran. The assets and information shared in this group are priceless and have already made a measurable difference in our business. I count myself extremely lucky to be coached by such absolute pros and I owe them many thanks for my success.”

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