Got 4-5x ROAS Right Out Of The Gate With RMBC

”I used to get so lost writing long form sales copy… My only strategy was to model what other people were doing, which means the only offers I created were mediocre “me too” offers.

Then I learned Stefan’s RMBC method and right out of the gate, I hit a home run on cold traffic, getting 4-5X ROAS on an average day!

My biggest breakthroughs were in market research, where I discovered dozens of “gems” and pain points that no one else in my niche was talking about… and storytelling, which adds an emotional knockout punch to otherwise bland copy, especially in my VSL leads.

If you’re a serious copywriter, then you NEED to know the RMBC method… This is the #1 formula that’s working right now, in 2020 and beyond.”

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