Helped Me Land A Full Time Gig With An 8-Figure Direct Response Firm

“When I first heard about Stefan’s RMBC process I thought I’d never get the chance to learn it.

I mean, it was hidden behind his $30k+/yr mastermind and I was a completely new copywriter.

But Stefan was getting insane results and I just knew I needed to get my hands on it.

Because despite chomping through copy courses, handwriting sales letters, and more…

I was still left flummoxed with how to actually write/structure a good sales letter (and do it without slitting my wrists).

Then, Stefan released the coveted RMBC Method… and I couldn’t believe it was so affordable.

Within my first year of copy: I’ve been able to write a full 8.5k word supplement sales letter in 5 days… in a niche I knew nothing about… (and it was FUN!)…

And, to top off the year, I’ve managed to land a full time gig with an 8 figure DR firm.

I know without RMBC and the community, I’d never have the confidence and skills I have now.

RMBC is hands down the best copy course ever created.”

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