Helps Us Identify Untapped Revenue Easily

“What I love about the Copy Accelerator is not just about Justin and Stefan but the group itself.

It does a really good job, identifying where you might be leaving money on the table.

In one case, Justin looked at our first upsell and was like “Oh man guys you really need to rethink this”. It was not even a full scroll of a page long, and that really added a tremendous amount of impact to our first upsell.

When we built out a little bit of a bigger buy, which is so important, using his upsell sequence. The way he teaches writing that was tremendous for us.

Shoutout to Stefan, for the AOV close. Last year we applied that it made a big difference on our bundle take rates of the 3 and the 6. And so we just applied that across the board to MCT or green powder all the other offers that needed patents.

So it has been fantastic, and another unexpected awesome thing is finding talented writers in the Copy Accelerator group.

Brian has been so helpful with that, so we’ve been working with Krista and Megan in and out of the group. Thank you Copy Accelerator.”