I Stay Up Til 1 AM in Singapore Just To Be On The Calls

Justin and Stefan’s Copy Accelerator program is the place to be. The strategies, techniques and feedback that they provide on copy, funnel flows and all things related to

a direct response business is pure gold. The Copy Accelerator facebook group is also proving to be a treasure trove of value. A lot of my questions were answered in detail, with even templates and exact documents provided as additional resources to help me in getting the result I wanted. The high caliber of fellow members also allows me to learn from others in areas of my business that I’m weaker in.

Honestly I’m not sure why Justin and Stefan are doing this. They are sincere in providing value. They commit a ton of time and effort to the group for the peanuts that we are paying. I even stay up until 1am just to be on the weekly calls, that’s how valuable this is to me.”

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