If you love cakes, read this…

“I used to think you can’t have your cake and it eat it too,

But that all changed 5 years ago when I was introduced to copywriting.

I instantly knew I wanted a slice of the cake, although many people told me I was nutty as a fruitcake for leaving my legal career behind.

It wasn’t a cakewalk at first, but I’ve met some great people along the way that helped me turm my passion for economics and politics into offers that sell like hotcakes, especially in the conservative niche.

I am happy to meet you all, and I am certain that Copy Accelerator 2020 will be the icing on the cake!

My great team  from Bucharest, Romania, gave me the awesome cake you see below! They are great people, some of the best!

And it was a great cake… I’ve heard many people say wonderful things about it!”