In under two weeks I already learned a LOT from you guys

Here are some quick wins:

 ad angles helped me write way faster. Now I just open a google doc with all those angles (controversial, story, proof, etc…) and write at least one ad for angle. One of this controversial ones is doing really well for us.

RMBC. This is game changer. I changed my entire copy process because of that. I already looked for mechanisms but hadn’t thought before about mechanism of the problem. This changes everything. I looked back and realized that my best promos had one and my not so good promos hadn’t. Now I can engineer that into each promo I write.

Research. Watching Stefan create copy made me realize again how important the research part is. Every time I have trouble writing copy is because I haven’t researched enough. Now I implemented a “15 page research rule”. No promo gets written in our company without at least 15 pages of research before.

 Upsells. Justin’s rule of “not launching a product without thinking about a natural good upsell first” changed how we approached front end.

And lots more stuff…

It’s just a matter of time into leanings such as this gives us huge returns.

Thanks guys!

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