It Takes All Of The Stress Out Of Writing A Promo!

“Before RMBC, I was a decent writer. But I had no consistency, no confidence, writing took way too long, and it was super stressful. By following Stefan’s four simple steps — Research, Mechanism, Brief, Copy — I’ve been able to cut my writing time by at least half on every project (and usually by a lot more.) My writing is leaps and bounds better. And I’ve gained a lot of confidence because I know I’m following a proven method to write winning sales letters.

 And having that system to follow takes the stress out of writing a promo. When you put it all together — faster writing, better writing, more confidence, less stress — that’s a copywriter’s wet dream. I can’t recommend working with Stefan enough in any capacity. If you have any doubts about working with Stefan, feel free to reach out to me. I’m happy to connect and chat about it.”  

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