RMBC Helped Me Cinch A $4 Million Dollar Launch

”RMBC gave me a framework, and more importantly, the confidence to write my ass off.

Prior to my product launch for Amzing.com, I had written scripts for ads, webinar registration pages, and whatnot, but I’d never written a full-blown VSL from scratch.

And even though I’d written sales pages before, the copy for this launch scared the crap out of me.

Maybe it was because it was our flagship product. Or simply because it was the biggest launch of the year.

I don’t know, but I really got in my head and let imposter syndrome take over.

I literally pulled 3 all-nighters in one week….

Staying up writing, studying RMBC and Breakthrough Advertising, rewriting, then fueling up on coffee for my 8am meetings.

Now that the results came back shattering our expectations, my confidence is through the roof.

I’m super stoked about getting better (and faster) at using the RMBC method and making it second nature.

It truly is a game-changer.

I can’t thank you and Stefan enough.

RMBC is worth every penny!”

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