RMBC Literally Saved My Business, Hands Down the Best Blueprint For Winning Copy

”Stefan’s RMBC method is hands-down the best blueprint I’ve ever seen for producing winning copy quickly. Everyone else is competing for a distant second-best.

This February, I paid $3k to attend Copy Accelerator Live and got 2 weeks of access to the RMBC method…

The clock was ticking on my access, so I watched all the RMBC videos and followed along, writing a brand new offer in real time as I watched the lessons.

The offer took 4 days (TOTAL) to write, including research following RMBC. That offer, with no updates or revisions, is currently converting at 1.5 – 2% on cold (native) traffic.

Stefan’s “Money Close” and “Upsell” template alone are worth 10X what he’s charging. My AOV is $170 against a $20 CPA.

I paid 3X what he’s selling this course for, with less content than it has now, and I still feel like I ripped him off.

My business went from struggling to keep the lights on and keep everyone paid to scaling a multi-million dollar offer and having to hire new staff in under 60 days, during a global pandemic that otherwise, would have put me completely out of business.

RMBC literally saved my business.”

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