Should Have Gotten RMBC Sooner, The Investment Paid Itself Back 3x In 20 Minutes!

”Complete rip off.

This might seem harsh to Stefan Georgi because we have been friends for so many years.

I believe I owe it to you to be honest because I was probably one of your first clients from back in the day when you could barely get someone to open a birthday card.

I purchased your RMBC training thinking it would help me connect better with my members.

I dove right in and then started on my first email.

I did exactly what you said and admittedly it was well orchestrated.

But now every time I write emails to my members I feel like ripping off my shirt to reveal the S on my chest.

Your effing method made me a Superman of copywriting.

The big drawback …

I spend twenty minutes tiger king walking around my laptop admiring my kill.

You know what’s even worse?

I think the S on my shirt stands for Stefan.

F.U. I should have had this sooner!

Seriously…this investment paid itself back 3x in 20 minutes.

Well done!”

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