Taught Me How To Create Winning Offers

“I’m not a copywriter by trade.

I am a businessman pure and simple.

I NEEDED to find the BEST folks in the world to teach me HOW to create winning offers that were what I call “platform agnostic”.

It didn’t matter that I personally execute all the strategies… just that I learned to UNDERSTAND them so I could lead well as chief visionary.

As a business owner THAT is what Copy Accelerator and this community have given me.

A peek behind the curtain of the what, how, and why of killer offers vs. offers that go over like a popcorn fart in a monastery.

It is that exposure and mindset that I am happily paying for.


Could you learn to become an absolute merc of a Copywriter in CA?


No question.

But for many of us, that isn’t the goal.

If you want to surround yourself with brilliant people who understand how to “structure and market the thing” this is the place for you.

Welcome to the goody room.”