The CA Family Has Been An Enormous Blessing

“In September 2020, the CA Live event was my bridge out of a liminal space I was in after I stepped out of the only career I had ever known.

I know it was fate because the way the event went down for me is not normal.

I somehow tricked Milai and Brooks into letting me volunteer, which got me a free ticket.

Stefan caught the “Copy Script,” and I was slain. I put money on my credit card that I wasn’t sure how I would pay to join a mastermind for a skill I didn’t have. (The second most out of character thing I have ever done.)

I’m still here, and the CA family has been an enormous blessing in my life. I am not sure what I would be doing if I hadn’t made that bet on myself and found a set of friends, teachers, and mentors.

I showed up in September 2020 and couldn’t even call myself a newbie copywriter. If that is you this year, reach out. I would love to take the journey with you.”