Tripled My Monthly Income The Very Next Month!

“I was introduced to the Copy Accelerator world, and Stefan and Justin.

About 3 months after beginning to learn from them, I lost my executive $6k per month client (got fired, to be frank)…

…and more than TRIPLED my monthly income the very next month, netting over 20K and bouncing back HIGH.

Since then I’ve been able to enjoy a freelancing business that brings in around $15k per month, WHILE finally beginning to enjoy the time off, reduced working hours, and lifestyle + professional freedom I was looking for when I got started.

The point of sharing all that?

It took me 2+ years to actually get any real traction as a freelancer on my own…

…and 3 months to more than double that progress and achieve what at the time I believed to be “big, hairy, audacious goals” by getting to know this group, and learning from Stefan and Justin.

All that’s to say…

This event has the power to be life-changing in so many ways, and I’m SO excited to be here sharing it with all of you!”