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Stefan Georgi is considered one of the top direct response copywriters in the world. Since he started copywriting in 2011, Stefan’s words have grossed over $1BN in sales. He’s also the founder or Co-Founder of several businesses including:

CA PRO – a premium mastermind community for business owners who are looking to scale and stay ahead of the competition by leveraging AI.

CA Labs – an AI-empowered copywriting agency that is solving copywriting for businesses in virtually all D2C niches.

Genesis by CA – a world-class mentorship program for freelance copywriters.

Additionally, over the past 12 years, Stefan has founded or co-founded 7 different businesses that have collectively generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue in a variety of industries including his Las Vegas-based Customer Contact Service and Multiple Health Supplement Businesses.

When not working, Stefan spends his time with his wife, Laura, and daughter, Eden. He also loves watching sports, playing golf, being outdoors and is an avid reader.

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