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Skyrocketed My Income From $2k-3k To $5k-$10k Per Month Consistently

“Before joining Lite I was crappy email copy writer, writing maybe 4 times emails a week and barely scraping 2-3k per month…

Since I joined 3 months ago here are some wins…

➤ Consistently made between 5-10k per month (My ALL time goal for the past 3 years.)

➤ Successfully executed two launces at the same time when I had never done a launch before EVER. One brought in almost $25k for one of my clients (info products on a list of 30k subscribers). The other lead to me enrolling 10 high ticket paying clients.

➤ I’ve gone from crappy email copywriter to currently in the process of launching my first offer on cold traffic.

➤ Paid off the 20k of dept I had on my back from taking some rather audacious leaps.

➤ After bringing in more revenue for my clients, they were so pleased that they decided to pay half of my fee to upgrade to full copy accelerator.

➤ Had the pleasure of joining an amazing and beautiful community of the most supportive people, that continuously vomit value for nothing.

To sum it all up… Copy accelerator lite has been “alright”.”

Andy Jeffs

Marketing Consultant

Reached My $20,000/Month Income Goal In Just 2 Months

“Hey Stefan,

CA Lite is one of the best investments I made this year.

I’m just in the group 4-5 months (I think). In my 2nd month, I was able to close my first client from the Lite group (which helped me reach my $20,000 income goal for the month).

That guy is also a Lite member, a business and offer owner. By just joining the Lite alone, I met lots of offer owners, who paid handsomely and value copywriters so much.

Now, I’ve got 3 more clients from Brooks’ posts alone.

Now I’m about to close 2 more clients from the CA virtual event.

And what I love the most is… These clients are REALLY testing my copy. Unlike those businesses, I worked with before.

I don’t know what they are doing with my copy. They let me write. They will pay. Then I won’t hear back from them even if I follow up. Ummmm.

As a copywriter, I am always looking for feedback and results. And I got that Lite. If all these are possible with Lite, how much more with full membership.

Yes, I’ll be joining the CA soon.

Thanks Stefan for the possibilities.”

April Alen Abion


Turned A Client’s Worst Performing Offer Into A 7-Figure Funnel

“Hey Blake,

Super stoked to be a member of CA lite!

Just as a quick little testimonials

Just from the BONUSES alone and Stefan’s RMBC course I was able to take one of my client’s worst-performing offers and turn it into a 7-figure funnel (at least it’s on track to do 7-figures, we’re pulling about $3,500-$4k/day with it right now). Since attending the mastermind, we’ve bumped conversions even more and gotten a 20-30% boost (and we’re just now fixing out upsell VSL today!)

Anywho, I’ll send over a rave testimonials/case study as we continue to scale this thing and I build out my own offer.”

Austin Gillis


“Learning Copy Vs. Experiencing Copy

Do you think you should have a bed?

Should you pay the cost to have a car to drive around?

The difference is…

You read a book like the ultimate sales letter by Dan Kennedy and you learn copu.

You sit in with Justin and Stefan…

And experience what to actually do.

Since joining CA Lite I have been able to take what I “experienced” and put it to use immediately.

You can actually take what you learn in the live calls, videos in members area and use it right away…

And it f*cking works.

I am an email copywriter and it has changed the results of my emails drastically.

CA Lite doubled all my metrics!

Including revenue…

If you are deciding whether or not the cost per month of CA lite is worth it.

You don’t think about the cost of driving your car vs the potential it gives you. You just pay for your car because you need it.

That’s what my experience has been in Copy Accelerator Lite.”

Dom Chiaravalloti


“This is me and my crew!

Left my 9 to 5 last month to take on copy fulltime!

Live in Arizona but we’re up in Northern Cali for the summer…

I’ve been writing copy for almost two years and have an offer I launched in late May…

Joined CA LITE, and stoked to meet you all!

Will be attending the Watch Party in Oregon with all the Northwest peeps!”

Jonathan Gaytan


“I signed up for Lite!

At the event, I closed an $8k gig. Seriously the easiest deal I’ve ever made.

And I did the single pay, so I’m looking forward to that bonus session with you and Justin as well”

Andrew Tennant


“The big thing for me was seeing what’s possible.

Back in the days, I was a part of different internet marketing groups and forums and never really got anywhere. A lot of it was because what I saw around me was very limiting.

Then once I joined CA Lite, when I saw that it was actually possible to run supplements on FB with super clean copy at scale and seeing other people successfully pull it off…I knew I had to start my own supplement offer.

Simply being around the right people can really skyrocket things for you. Thanks to Stefan and Justin’s recommendations, the videos in the members are, and the goldmine of knowledge in the full FB group, I was able to piece together my offer with a lot more confidence. Less unknowns.

Also hired my first copywriter through CA Lite too.

And for any of you currently in Lite or about to join Lite…

While you might not be able to comment in the Full group, use that search box like crazy. Lots of gold found in past posts and comments – for both copywriters and offer owners.

This wealth of knowledge and the Copy Accelerator network help get me to a $100k profit month by the end of 2020/beginning of 2021

Love this group.

Nothing but good vibes and heavy bank accounts.”

Justin Lucas

Media Buyer

The Value & People In CA LITE Are So Valuable

“I joined CA Lite at the end of December 2020 and it’s the best decision could have made.

The value and people in this group make it even more special.

I’m hoping to soon be able to make all the live calls.

I’ve been watching the replays and they’re so valuable.

Excited for the event coming up and meeting everyone.

Wish I could come to Austin but I’m stuck in freezing Canada for now.

Feel free to connect and reach out anytime.”

Dan De Sousa


Taught Me How To Create Winning Offers

“I’m not a copywriter by trade.

I am a businessman pure and simple.

I NEEDED to find the BEST folks in the world to teach me HOW to create winning offers that were what I call “platform agnostic”.

It didn’t matter that I personally execute all the strategies… just that I learned to UNDERSTAND them so I could lead well as chief visionary.

As a business owner THAT is what Copy Accelerator and this community have given me.

A peek behind the curtain of the what, how, and why of killer offers vs. offers that go over like a popcorn fart in a monastery.

It is that exposure and mindset that I am happily paying for.

Could you learn to become an absolute merc of a Copywriter in CA?


No question.

But for many of us, that isn’t the goal.

If you want to surround yourself with brilliant people who understand how to “structure and market the thing” this is the place for you.

Welcome to the goody room.”

JB Brown

Business Owner

Want to peek inside the mind of one of the world’s most successful copywriters?

My private email list is where I spill all of my secrets. The tricks and tactics that allow me to create winning sales copy time-and-time-again.

The lessons I’ve learned while building numerous multi-million-dollar companies. The mindset hacks that allow me to perform at an ultra-high-level day-after-day.

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Want to peek inside the mind of one of the world’s most successful copywriters?

My private email list is where I spill all of my secrets. The tricks and tactics that allow me to create winning sales copy time-and-time-again.

The lessons I've learned while building numerous multi-million-dollar companies. The mindset hacks that allow me to perform at an ultra-high-level day-after-day.