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What People Are Saying About Freelancer Freedom
“Just closed on my monthly retainer contract!

Per Stefan’s advice, I made sure that the agreement was structured in an itemized way, not hourly or open-ended…

Thanks to Stefan, Ian, and all you guys.

Let’s keep getting after it.”

Michael McGovern


“Starting this weekend with a WIN!

Just got my first client today using a strategy from the course!

Providing value works!

All I did was go into a FB group of business owner’s in the niche I like and make a post providing value. At the end of the post I offered for them to comment or DM if they had any comments or questions.

A guy reached out to me when I replied to his comment about his struggle and asked me more about what I do. After some discussions and providing him a sample I made specifically for one of his products, we had a call today to go over the project and finalize details.

Looking forward to killing it on this project and getting many more clients in the future using the strategies in this course!”

Sal Loiacono


Scored A Couple Of Grand & A Retainer, Without Much Effort

“Scored a couple of grand so far and a 6-month retainer.

Didn’t take much work either. Best strategy.”

Lyle Cassidy


The Strategies Led Me To Meeting My Now Business Partner

“I did this and it transformed my life. I sent out 3-4 free copy samples. Just 2 pages of leads of VSL’s for different companies.

Only got 1 reply, but that one reply led to a revenue share deal which made me 6 figures.

It led me to massively increasing my skills as a copywriter, being able to go from charging $5k a letter to $30k+.

It led to me meeting my great friend and business partner Azeem Ahmed, which has led to even more growth and adventures and opened my eyes to the responsibilities of being a business owner, which I’m very slowly learning one day at a time.

SO yeah, you could say it’s a strategy I 100% recommend.”

Jason W. Strachan


Landed My First New Client Since Joining

“Just landed my first new client since joining and implementing material in freelancer freedom. It’s an offer owner in the guitar space and it sounds SICK.

I’m going to take a swing at beating his control on a guitar offer and he said he’d pay me 30% of whatever I beat it on. Does that sound like a good deal?

P.S. Stefan big fan of you right now.”

Andy Jeffs


Helped Me Close 2 Retainer Deals

“Using the Upwork outreach methods in the course…

I’m due to sign a retainer deal on Monday to run the email marketing for 2 ecomm stores.

I’ve been plugging away using the Upwork methods for 2 months straight.

Finally about to pay off with my first retainer gig.

A great start to 2021.”

Ciarán Beehan


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