The 10 Biggest Mistakes New Copywriters Make When Applying for Copy Jobs

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Before The Sales Call

  • Not researching the market
  • Not researching the business
  • Not researching the person you’re going to be talking to
  • Doing “carpet bombing” prospecting (ie a generic cold email you send to every prospect) instead of “sniper rifle” prospecting (value first, ie writing leads or email creatives as your “lead magnet” for the client)

During The Sales Call

  • Talking too much (listen at least 4x more than you talk)
  • Not asking questions to gather needed information and widen “the gap” (ie current revenue, revenue goals, profit margins, pain points and struggles, “wave a magic wand” dream scenario, specific goals for the offer, etc.)
  • Not “doing the math” for the client
  • Not leaving where things stand explicitly clear

After The Sales Call

  • Not following up
  • Not keeping promises

Bonus Tips:

  • Focus on developing a consistent, measurable process for each “stage” of the sale
  • Mindset

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