The RMBC Method For Better Copy

Here’s the short version…

RMBC stands for Research, Mechanism, Brief, and Copy.

It’s a four-step process that I created out of necessity…

And it has been proven to help countless people consistently write better converting sales copy in less time. 

In fact, the RMBC Method is so effective and so foolproof…

That folks in my Copy Accelerator Mastermind gladly pay over $25,000 per year to be trained on it…

And the only other time I ever taught this method live, at my two-day intensive in Las Vegas back in 2017…

55 people paid an average price of $12,500 per ticket to come see me teach it…

And after the event…

Those people all said it was one of the best investments they’d ever made in their lives…

“I’m super happy Stefan put on this event because one of the problems I’ve had in scaling up my company is knowing a simple process to use to train our copywriters to consistently turn out really amazing sales letters in a timely manner, and that’s exactly what he delivered here, a systematic process for our writers to use to turn everything out as fast as possible… I brought my whole marketing team out here and I don’t regret it for a second”

– Tyler Bramlett, CEO of Warrior Made

“What’s really shocked me is how amazing of a teacher he is… one of my biggest takeaways was when he talks about his trick for researching stories to write amazing leads… and finding these stories that already exist… and it’s a really easy trick that I know I’m going to be able to use right away. I fancy myself a decent copywriter, but now all of these possibilities are swarming through my head and I just cannot wait to implement them”

– Fran Wrangler, 8 Figure Copywriter and Entrepreneur

“This event has been incredible. The biggest takeaway for me is having a structure for my copywriting. I’ve been writing for four years but until this event, I’ve not had an absolute framework for every word I write. It just brings so much peace to my mind knowing that I don’t have to guess what I’m going to put in each section of my copywriting. I can already feel my conversions increasing.”

– Christie Johnson, Freelance Copywriter

“It’s been an amazing couple of days, a great group here, and I’ve just been so impressed by how Stefan breaks down his copy process. His outline and templates are amazing, and he’s been going in-depth showing examples. Just walking out of here after 48 hours has been amazing.”

– Allen Baler, Owner of 4 Patriots

I don’t tell you the above to brag…

I just want you to understand the value of what I’m sharing with you on this page…

Because honestly…

I was very conflicted about whether to put this information on my website at all…

Or if I should keep the RMBC an exclusive secret…

Something that only those with very deep pockets and an extremely established track record would ever get to know.

Ultimately, I decided to share it here. The reason why is because I really, truly believe this can transform your copywriting overnight…

And I just can’t stand the idea of people struggling with consistency or quality…

When there’s such a better, easier way.

So on this page…

I’m going to provide a detailed overview of each step of RMBC, along with how it works…

That way…

By the time you’re done reading this article…

You’ll feel confident that you can begin using the RMBC Method on your own…

Or take it and teach it to your copywriters or employees.

We’ll get into the entire method in just a moment…

But first…

Here’s the quick story of how the RMBC Method came to be…

In 2014 I was working for a publishing company out of Romania. They primarily sold eBooks in the alternative health space. And these guys decided that they wanted to follow a Hollywood Blockbuster Model.

Hollywood Blockbuster Model = Create as many new products and offers as possible, with the assumption that every now and then they’ll get a huge Blockbuster Winner that more than offsets the costs associated with any losers.

As such, I was heavily incentivized to produce a large volume of new sales letters each month.

To put it in perspective:

If I wrote four new sales letters in a month, I would earn between $4,000 and $8,000 for that month.

If I wrote eight new sales letters in a month, I would earn between $16,000 and $24,000 for that month.

And if I wrote twelve new sales letters in a month, I would earn between $48,000 and $80,000 for that month.

So like I said – I was heavily incentivized to produce a massive output. But of course the sales letters I wrote also had to be good. Otherwise the publisher would stop paying me to write at all.

This presented me with a unique challenge:

How do you produce a high volume of well-written, high-converting sales letters without burning yourself out?

For context – the average copywriter is lucky if they write one new sales letter in a single month…

Yet my goal was to write 12x as many each month.

It was an insane challenge…

But I met the challenge…

And I produced 12+ sales letters each month, for several months…

While also writing upsells, new email creatives, coming up with “big ideas”, and more.

Not only that, but the sales letters were GOOD too.

At one point, I had 8 out of the top 10 offers on Clickbank (a $1BN+ market place for selling products online)…

And for several years the information publisher grossed over $100MM per year from my sales copy.

So what was my secret? The RMBC Method.

Like I said at the beginning…

The RMBC is a roadmap for producing strong sales copy again-and-again.

It makes the copywriting process replicable…

It also makes it modular…

And it templatizes everything too.

The result of all this…

Is that once you start following the RMBC Method…

You don’t get stuck…

You have the blueprint…

Which means there’s less time thinking about what you should be doing, or what comes next…

And more time actually just writing the damn promo.

“Stefan is absolutely the best copywriter around today. His past work is the stuff of legends. But he is one of the few legends who is STILL actually writing every day. Plus, he’s the only person I know that writes faster than me, so screw him for that.”

– Ian Stanley, Copywriter Extraordinaire and

Video Marketing Genius

A Quick Note Before We Get Started:

In this article I’ll mostly be talking about the RMBC Method in the context of sales letters and scripts. This includes long-form direct response letters, along with short 5-7 minute sales videos.

Even if you only write short ad copy like headlines, subject lines, or FB Ads though…

You should still learn the RMBC method. The reason why is because it can be applied to virtually everything.

For example, when Dan Lok’s head of acquisition started using the “R” component of RMBC to craft better FB Ads…

He was shocked by how massive the difference was:

I’ve also seen RMBC applied to content driven articles to dramatically increase engagement…

And personally, I used this method to craft a pitch for our Copy Accelerator Mastermind…

And generated over $1MM from stage with that pitch…

Which isn’t too bad, considering this was the first time I’d ever pitched from stage in my life.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the RMBC Method

RMBC: Research, Mechanism, Brief, Copy

Step 1. Research

Research is probably the #1 factor in whether or not your sales copy is effective or not. It’s also the most often overlooked. And this is true for both writers who are just started out, along with grizzled old vets.

What often happens is that copywriters and business owners just assume they know their market…

And they view doing research as a waste of time.

I get it…

But the truth is – doing research is where all of the magic happens. It’s where you find surprising insights about your target demographic that you didn’t expect. It’s also where you get to learn how they talk. For example – when you go to forums that are populated by your target demo, you’ll notice they have very unique language patterns. And that means you have the opportunity to almost copy-and-paste their words, and then add them to your sales copy.

To put it another way – by taking the time to uncover not just what your target demo is talking about, but how they’re talking about it, you can approach them as a member of their tribe. You appear as “one of their own.” This in turn creates instant trust between the prospect and the writer – a feeling that you (or your spokesperson) really “get” them.

When I teach the RMBC Method in our Copy Accelerator Mastermind, or in courses and trainings, there are 22 different questions that I tell my students they need to answer.

I’m not going to list all 22 of those questions here, but I will give you 7 of the most important ones.

The 7 Research Questions you need to answer:

Who Is Your Customer?

This should be a sketch of your target customer. Things like: their age, their gender, their political beliefs, their personal beliefs, their biases, their hopes and dreams, where they hangout, how they pass their time, what’s important to them in life, etc.

What Are Their Pain Points?

Specifically we want to know what their pain points are when it comes to the problem your product/offer is trying to solve. But we also want to know about broader pain points than that. Psychological pain points. Economic pain points. Relational pain points, etc.

This is actually where a lot of copywriters go wrong – especially when they just “assume” and don’t do any research. They don’t go deep enough.

For a case study on this – see my blog about The Real Reason Women Buy Chemical Peels.

What Outcome/Solution Do They Want?

This is the inverse of the above. At its core, all sales copy is problem/solution oriented. Once you understand what problems (aka pain points) the prospect has, you next want to understand what solutions they are looking for. Again, DON’T ASSUME. Instead, do your research and let them tell you what they’re looking for in their own words.

And just like with Pain Points – go broad here. Look at what solutions your prospect want for the more big-picture pain points in their life too. For example: A happy marriage, more economic stability, more respect from friends and neighbors, a stronger relationship with their children, a different political situation in their country, etc. All of that stuff.

It might sound weird – but the more you can make them feel like your specific solution ties into the broader, bigger picture, the more likely the prospect is to feel inspired to buy.

What is the Market Already Using? (List Out)

This one is pretty straight forward. But go make a list of the main products your market is already using. These are both direct competitors along with indirect competitors.

What Does the Market Like About Existing Solutions?

Also straight forward – for each of the existing “solutions” on your list – find out what your market loves about those solutions. This way you can compare whatever your product to existing solutions.

What Does the Market Dislike About Existing Solutions

And then what your market dislikes about those solutions. This way you can differentiate your product from existing solutions, and show why it’s better.

Are Their Horror Stories About Existing Solutions?

It’s worth finding out if there are any nightmare stories about your competitors’ products. You can use these in your sales messaging – whether it’s in ads, email creatives, or the sales page itself. The point is not to slander your competition. The point is more so to catch your prospect’s attention, and make them reconsider using an alternative solution when compared to yours.

Where do you find answers to your Research questions?

There are tons of places, but here are two you can start with:


I mentioned forums before, but I’ll mention them again. No matter what your market is, there’s a forum for it. Going to these forums and seeing what the people in your market are talking about is amazing. Plus you’ll be shocked at how often people in these forums take what seems like a simple question, and reply with a multi-paragraph answer sharing their entire life story. This stuff is GOLD.


Go to Amazon and start looking at products that attempt to solve the same pain point as you. Then for each of those products, read the reviews. Pay special attention to the 5 Star Reviews and the 1 Star Reviews. The rest don’t matter. Why? The 5 Star Reviews will tell you what people love about existing solutions. The 1 Star Reviews will tell you what people hate about existing solutions (plus you might get some horror stories). And that’s all you want.

One more note on Amazon by the way – this works for almost everyone. For example – say you’re a Real Estate Agent who wants to get more clients. It would make sense for you to go to Amazon and research books about buying a house. Also possibly books on real estate investing or on getting a mortgage..

“Working with Justin and Stefan has been a game-changer for us. Last month was the best month ever for two of our businesses. Our main business saw revenues DOUBLE, and one of our side businesses saw a 25% increase. Both these businesses are in the 7-Figure + range, so the revenue increases are significant. And the #1 reason for our tremendous growth is their copywriting mentorship, as well as using their advice to improve the backend of our funnels.”

– Tim and Daniel Reiss, Owners of Multiple 7 and 8 Figure Health Businesses

“Stefan delivered the best sales letter I’ve ever seen. His funnel came optimized and is already converting for us at 1.7% with an average order value of $200 on cold traffic at scale. Stefan possesses a unique ability to truly understand the audience which he is writing to, delivering copy that speaks to the viewers heart. I have no doubt that thanks to Stefan’s guidance and funnel building services, we will build a $100MM company.”

– Doug Godkin, CEO of My Doctor Suggests

“Stefan is one of the most brilliant direct response marketers I’ve had the good fortune of working with. Besides being a world class copywriter, he generates incredibly out-of-the box ideas that lead to more sales. From increasing average order value to building relationships with customers, nobody does it better.”

– Dane Alexander, Former CFO/COO of Athletic Greens.

Research, Mechanism, Brief, Copy

Step 2. Mechanism

This part is surprisingly simple and yet insanely important. Understanding how the mechanism works can make or break any promo or offer you run. So let’s jump right in…

In a Nutshell:

The Unique Mechanism explains why our prospect is struggling or suffering to achieve a goal…

And how they can overcome that problem.

At its core, the unique mechanism is always a two-part logical connection.

Unique Mechanism Behind the Problem our Prospect Faces.

Unique Mechanism Behind the Solution to that Problem.

It’s important to identify the unique mechanism behind both the problem AND the solution.

By showing the unique mechanism behind the problem, you get the prospect to understand why they’ve failed in the past…

And by showing the unique mechanism behind the solution, you get the prospect to believe that our product will bring them success where other alternatives have failed.

Think of it like this…

Typically by the time our prospect comes to us, they’ve tried numerous solutions to their problem already. In the past, these other solutions may have not worked at all, worked partially, or worked fully for a period of time before they stopped being effective (You’ll know how it is for your specific market after doing your research).

Our job as a copywriter is to educate the prospect about the REAL reason why past solutions didn’t bring them permanent results. We do this by explaining that their knowledge about the problem is incomplete. They’ve been missing ONE CRUCIAL PIECE OF INFORMATION, and this “knowledge gap” is what’s been holding them back.

“RMBC. This is a game changer. I changed my entire copy process because of that. I already looked for mechanisms but hadn’t thought before about mechanism of the problem. This changes everything. I looked back and realized that my best promos had one and my not so good promos didn’t. Now I can engineer each promo I write to be a winner.”

– Max Rivera Peters

Unique Mechanism Example – Weight Loss Offer

Unique Mechanism of the Problem:

The real reason for your struggles to lose weight has nothing to do with your genetics or metabolism. Instead it starts in your uterus!

You see, scientists at the Scripps Research Institute recently turned their microscopes to a little-studied protein called PGRMC2. This protein is found in the uterus, the liver, and several other areas of the body. But it turns out, PRGRMC2 is also found throughout your fat tissue.

So why does that matter?

Scientists at Scripps engineered mice to be deficient in PGRMC2. And what they found is that when the PGRMC2-deficient mice were fed a high fat diet, they weren’t able to burn fat. In fact, their metabolism was basically “turned off.”

In contrast though, when obese-diabetic mice were treated with a drug to activate PGRMC2 function – it was found that the mice quickly began to show an activated metabolism. As a result – the mice were able to quickly burn fat and reverse their obesity.

Unique Mechanism of the Solution:

So if you want to increase your metabolism and burn more fat, the best thing you can do is to increase the activity of the PGRMC2 hormone in your fat tissue. And that’s what our product has been designed to help you do.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I just made this mechanism up on the spot after reading this article on the website Science Daily. This is just an example I’m using for demonstration purposes. I have no idea if there is any product out there (informational or physical) that actually has been proven to activate PGRMC2. But it’s a fascinating and surprising “real cause” of weight challenges. So if there were natural ingredients that were proven to activate PGRMC2, and if it were proven that this same mechanism works in humans like it works in mice, it could lead to a very interesting weight loss offer with an ultra-unique mechanism.

Research, Mechanism, Brief, Copy

Step 3. Brief

The brief is where we take our research and our mechanism and put it all together. By answering all of the questions in the brief, we’ll now have everything we need to start writing the copy.

My full brief has 12 questions that need to be answered and I’m not going to go through each of those line-by-line here. What I will do however is share some of the top questions.

Who’s the Audience?

You should be able to quickly answer this question based on doing your Research.

What are the pain points, or biggest fears?

Identify 1-3 of the main ones. You should also be able to quickly answer this question based on doing your Research.

So by reversing the pain points/biggest fears, what is the one big promise (1-3 sentences) you are going to make…how this will change their

lives forever?

This is the Big Promise in your sales copy. It’s based on what your product actually does. But it’s also based built around the outcomes/solutions that your prospects have expressed desiring, which you should have ascertained through your research.

What solutions for the reader’s problem(s) exist already (and why aren’t they working for them)?

You already got these answers during the research phase. Now you just fill them in.

Write out the Unique Mechanism behind the Problem and Solution. What’s the new claim/root cause/surprising info?

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

What is the Product?

Write out the product details, features, and benefits here.

Background Story + Story of Discovery:

And write out the background story behind the spokesperson (if applicable) along with how they discovered the Unique Mechanism behind the problem and solution.

Here’s the most important thing to understand about the brief…

The Brief is most effective when you write out your answers as if they were going into the sales copy.

When you go to write about the product for example – don’t just use bullet points. Instead, write the portion about the product as if it were going directly into your sales letter.

The reason this is so vital is because once you’ve written out small chunks of copy in your brief, you’ll then be able to go and paste them into your actual sales letter.

In turn – already having a bunch of copy that’s pre-written makes the whole process sales letter writing process much less overwhelming.

Plus, it means you’re able to write a better final draft in less time.

“You’re the man! Seriously I talked to my mom (who’s a lawyer) about how much you’ve helped me the other week and she said “1. I never made as much in a month as you just made in a week. And 2. Thank God you didn’t go to law school. Appreciate you dude!”

– Sam Robson, Freelance Copywriter

Research, Mechanism, Brief, Copy

4. Copy

Here’s the part where we finally get to write our sales copy! And as you’re about to see, this whole process is going to be much less daunting thanks to the first three steps (RMB).

The way I approach this is by using a very modular outline.

This outline is most often used for longer-form sales letters, but it’s actually the exact same one you’d use for shorter scripts as well. The only difference between longer-form and shorter-form here is how much time you spend talking about each section.

So what is the outline?

Total there are 53 bullets in the outline. Each bullet includes an element that you should include in your sales letter…

I can’t give away all 53 of these bullets. I want to, but people routinely pay me $10,000+ just for access to this information and it wouldn’t be fair to them.

What I will do though is give you a list of the big sections that you should include in any sales letter.

These are in a very particular order, so for best results, don’t rearrange them.

These are the sections that should be included in any sales letter (in order)

I. Lead

The purpose of the lead is to build rapport with your prospect, capture their curiosity, and get them to continue reading/watching. You’ll also include a big promise here in the lead – where you are saying that you’ll be able to alleviate their biggest pain points or issues.

II. Background Story

This is the background story about the spokesperson. Who are they, why are they credible, why should the prospect listen to them? Additionally, in the background story we’re also sharing the events that led up to the spokesperson discovering the unique mechanism behind the problem and solution.

III. Unique Mechanism Behind the Problem

Self-explanatory, but this is where the spokesperson discovered the REAL cause behind the pain point the market faces.

IV. Unique Mechanism Behind the Solution

And then this is where they discovered the REAL solution to that pain point.

V. Product Build Up And Reveal

Once the spokesperson has discovered the real solution, they realize that nobody else seems to be offering this solution to the public. So at this point they either create a product that encompasses this solution, or they find the one existing company that does offer it. And it’s at this point that we finally reveal the product.

VI. Close

Now we tell the prospect exactly what the product is. The features and benefits. We also paint an emotion-driving picture for the prospect of what life with the product will be like. We compare the product we’re selling to others and convince the prospect that our product is a huge value. Then once we’ve convinced the prospect of this fact, we finally reveal what the price of the product is, and we explicitly tell them to buy.


These are self-explanatory. But including FAQs at the end of a sales page can increase your conversions by 10-15%. So if you’re not adding them to your copy right now – please start doing it!

Let’s put it all together…

In the Research phase, we become deeply aware of who our target prospect is. We understand their psychology, their pains, and their hopes and dreams. We also determine what other solutions they’ve tried in the past, and we find out what they liked and didn’t like about those solutions.

In the Mechanism phase, we then explain the real reason behind why the prospect has failed in the past, then prove that they can succeed in the future. This part does usually require research of a different kind – more technical – but it’s research that’s worth doing. The reason why is because by the time the prospect gets to you and whatever you’re selling, they’re already jaded. It’s very rare that you’re offering a product category that’s never been seen before. More likely, you are offering a variation. An improvement. A “better mousetrap.” As such, it’s vital that you differentiate your solution from the rest of the market. The first way you do this is by opening their eyes to a new paradigm – one that explains the truth behind their struggles. And the second way is by showing them how your product/service embraces this new paradigm. That’s the Unique Mechanism in a nutshell.

In my experience, the Brief is probably the most often looked part of the RMBC Method. It shouldn’t be. The Brief’s value isn’t just in the questions it asks. Its value is in how you answer those questions. If you take the time to write little chunks of copy when filling out your brief, you’ll be in an amazing position when it comes time to create your actual sales letter. In other words, filling out the brief makes the copywriting process much less daunting.

And then finally there’s the Copy. It’s no accident that Copy comes last. We need to do the legwork first. If we don’t, the copy we write will often come out random, labored, and inconsistent. Once we have done the legwork however, writing great Sales Copy is pretty easy. Just follow the structure I’ve provided above. Plus, if you’ve done your Brief correctly, then much of what’s above can be copy and pasted into the letter.

Final thoughts and potential next steps

My hope is that this “article” becomes a treasured resource for you. Something that you can refer to on a continual basis, and that helps to demystify the copywriting process.

I also hope that having now read the words above, you have a good foundational understanding of what the RMBC Method is, and why it’s so valuable.

The best way to master RMBC and get better as a copywriter is honestly to join Copy Accelerator. The cost for that is $2,950 per month with a minimum 12 month commitment. It’s obviously not a small investment, but it’s a worthwhile one. Almost every single testimonial you saw on this page is from a Copy Accelerator member. And while the commitment is high, the ROI you get is tremendous. In the Copy Accelerator Mastermind, Justin Goff and myself do live trainings on the RMBC Method, Upsells, Headlines, Big Ideas and a whole lot more on a weekly basis. We also have a hyper-active private FB Group where our members can post the copy they’re working on, and Justin and myself will go through it and provide rapid feedback and critiques. It’s priceless.

The point of this article is not to convince you to join Copy Accelerator. But if it’s something you can afford, it’s one of the smartest investments you’ll ever make in your life. So if you want more information on Copy Accelerator – just click here and visit our website.

Finally, I just want to say thank you for taking the time to read this. I’ve become increasingly convinced that there is no single copy training methodology as good as RMBC. I just see it producing drastic effects for copywriters of all different skill levels on a weekly basis. And I’m thankful that I’ve had the chance to share the RMBC Method with you today as well.


Stefan Georgi

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