“Being a part of Copy Accelerator allows me to write an offer that is a scale to 100 ultimately 1000 buyers a day and that has been fantastic.

Copy Accelerator has given us the ability to monetize that offer and make sure our upsell and our email monetization on the backend are dialled in, and that created a massive amount of cash flow.

In fact, that cash flow paid for this warehouse. We did not have this in February, and we really did not have much of anything.

We were able to acquire our own manufacturing company. We funded a research and development lab, researching noble formulation and creating products that no one else in the health industry is creating.

This is all because of the cash flow that Copy Accelerator helps us to generate in our business. Having that offer has changed everything for us. It changed my life or my partner’s life, and our employees in this pandemic have jobs.

We wouldn’t have this offer without being part of Copy Accelerator. That for me is more worth than anything else what we were able to do. My perspective in life changed and I find myself opportunities to give more and help more because of the openness and generosity of finding a Copy Accelerator.

We had offers come and go. We’ve been successful and in between, but this time is different because we are different. We’re different because of what we accomplished; we’re different because of what we’ve been through.

Most importantly, we are different because of the people we get to surround ourselves with. The other people in CA and the friendship we made since becoming a CA member, that’s permanent. Even if the building runs away or everything else runs away, the changes that have taken place in my partner and me, that stays forever.

We managed to keep our previous employees and hire more. We brought in not just frontline staff and customer service but experts, people who are on top of their field.

People who are helping us create products that are gonna change thousands and hopefully someday millions of lives. We’ve changed and possibly impacted thousands of lives with our customers. We are looking to continuously do that and continue creating a huge impact on millions of people's lives.

There’s a brand worldwide that exists helping people that wouldn’t exist because of Copy Accelerator. Thank you, Stefan and Justin, for putting together an amazing product.”

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Stefan Georgi

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