”Stefan's RMBC Method is the clearest and most thought out approach I've seen in the last 10 years.

Before watching this course, I was getting lost in learning how to create a funnel that converts with high AOV's.

There's so many tools, techniques, and funnel types out there that it's easy to get “information overload”… and it's hard to structure it down to a repeatable process that you can trust works across niches & verticals.

This was extremely frustrating for me… because you invest time into learning and following a method, you want to know you're making the right decision and not wasting that time on something that's a bust or is unproven.

For the last 10 years I've generated well into the 8 figures running traffic as an affiliate. Everything in the course is not only for freelancers and offer owners, but it is applicable to building out landing pages, ad copy, and creating angles.

Once I applied Stefan's process to my campaigns I noticed a ridiculous impact in performance.

I've made back the money spent on the course within the first day of applying the principles he teaches.

My ad’s CTR more than doubled (and on broad cold traffic), my landing page’s CTR have gone up about 33% (from an average of 30-33% to 40-45%)… those jumps have decreased my front end costs, and exponentially improved my ROI on third party offers… where I don't have control over their pages!

I'm in the process of building out my own offers, and am very excited to apply the same principles there as well.

Aside from the actual content… I think the biggest value takeaway (and it was really hard to choose since there were so many), was actually watching Stefan go through each phase of the process and listening to how he thinks… why he does what he does… and then relating that to your work.

Stefan has been answering any question that pops up in the FB group, and there are over 200 people in it. He is dedicated to helping you succeed, and getting first hand feedback from someone as smart as Stefan is worth more than the $1k price tag.

If you're actually serious about anything related to selling online, this is a no brainer. Invest in your education with something so comprehensive, and made by someone who ACTUALLY CARES.”

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Stefan Georgi

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