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On Dopamine, Client Work, and Focus


On Dopamine, Client Work, and Focus

One mistake I see a lot of young copywriters make is being more in love with closing clients than they are with actually writing copy.

I personally struggled with this when I was a young copywriter.

Closing a client is exhilarating and exciting – almost like a game, and when they say “yes” and hire you, then send you money, it’s a great feeling.

Then reality sits in, and you have to actually “do the work.” That’s less exciting.

It probably ties back to dopamine.

You get a release of dopamine when you’re “rewarded” with a client and money.

That probably doesn’t happen when it comes to spending the next 20-40 hours (or however long) actually working hard to make the offer good.

So what a lot of copywriters do (and again, I made this mistake as well in the past), is keep searching for new clients instead of focusing on knocking it out of the park for the clients they’ve already got.

It’s not that these writers are being assholes, they’re just conditioned to crave that dopamine.

But the ironic thing is that if they just focused on killing it for the clients who already hired them, they’ll end up getting those hits of dopamine way more often. The clients will hire them again. When their promos are everywhere, new prospective clients will come out of the woodwork and want to hire the writer all-day long.

They’ll get more money from clients with less resistance.

I’m keeping this post short (for me).

But if you’ve got a project to complete and you’ve been putting it off, while simultaneously wishing you had more money, use what I’m saying as motivation. Get after it this week and CRUSH IT for your clients. Make whatever you write bad ass, make it irresistible, pour your heart and soul into it.

Not only will your bank account be happy that you did, but that dopamine-hungry brain of yours will thank you too ☺


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