Upsells at a Restaurant

Some time ago, my wife and I spent the weekend in Las Vegas celebrating our wedding anniversary…🥂

There was one moment at a dinner that weekend that I’m particularly keen to share, because it contains a good marketing lesson.

We ate at a steakhouse…😋

And since this was our anniversary weekend, we went all out on that dinner.

We ordered oysters and sashimi for our apps…

Then we got an F1 Wagyu New York Strip along with 3 ounces of A5 Kobe Beef to split as our mains…

Along with some sides.

Well as we placed that order, the waiter asked:

And did you want to add anything else with your entrees? Perhaps some fresh lobster tails, or some foie gras?

We said no, we’d be good with this already decadent feast…

But then, as the waiter was walking away, my wife made a really good point to me.

She said how at first, when our waiter offered those add-ons she wanted to be like, “come on man, we’re already getting the most expensive stuff on the menu!”

But then she’d thought about it for a second…

And realized that we were exactly the type of customer he should be offering those additional high-priced menu items to.


Because we were already buying all the “nicest” stuff…😊

So there was a high probability that we’d say yes to even more nice things.

In this case, we didn’t…🤷‍♂️

But that doesn’t make her point any less spot-on…

Because as a business partner of mine always likes to point out…

The easiest person to sell a Rolex to is the guy who already owns 10 Rolexes.

It makes sense, right?

You know they’re a proven buyer of what you’re selling, so you offer them more of that.

Same thing at this restaurant too…

And same thing with your first upsell in a sales funnel…

Which is often just offering people more of whatever they just bought (ie. more supplements, more golf clubs, more advice about how to lose weight, etc).

The waiter was smart to recognize that…😉

And I’m glad my wife pointed it out to me…

Since it helps demonstrate an important marketing truth.



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Stefan Georgi

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