Here’s my checklist for writing a killer lead

Good morning 🙂

I went over leads on of the Copy Accelerator calls…copy accelerator

And we looked at what separates a great lead from a mediocre one.

This is kind of nuanced…

But since I’m writing this out last minute…⌛

Let me just go ahead and share my specific “lead” outline from RMBC:

I. Lead

  • Call Out Problem
  • Promise Solution to Pain Point + Promise to Save Time/Money
  • Tease Emotional Discovery Story
  • Tease Unique Mechanism Behind Solution
  • Tease Contrarian Nature of Mechanism (This Flies in the Face of What You’ve Been Told Before)
  • Working in “Fascinations” as Incentive For Continuing With Copy (I’ll Answer This Riddle For You)
  • Briefly Address Skepticism
  • Briefly Mention Credibility Builders
  • Qualifiers – Who This Works For. Is It For Everyone? Is It For a Certain Subset? Speak to Your Market.
  • Include a Few Broad Testimonials if Available (About Benefits But Don’t Give Away Product)

Note the things on this list don’t necessarily have to go in this order…✅

For example, in an emotional lead you would start by teasing an emotional discovery story…

AKA giving them part of the story (the most dramatic part)…

But you wouldn’t resolve it for them in the lead…

copy accelerator

Instead, that would happen during Part II of the sales letter outline I have…

Which is the Background Story.

That’s where we show how the spokesperson, or someone close to the spokesperson, used to be just like the reader…

In pain and looking for solutions…

But then they hit a breaking point, and it led them on a quest to find the REAL cause of their problem.

This “real cause” stuff gets into the Unique Mechanism of the Problem and of the Solution…

And from there we have the Product Buildup and Reveal…

Followed by the close.

That’s really the sales letter outline in a nutshell…

But if you want to see a more in-depth version…

You can check out this resource on my website.

Or, even better, you can always invest in the RMBC Method Course…

Which is something you can check out right here.


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