Super Low-Hanging Fruit (Please Do This Right Away)…

If you sell a physical product online (or your clients do),🛒

Here’s some super low-hanging fruit for you:

Set up Adwords for your branded keywords immediately. 

Even if you sell through long-form direct response sales letters,📝

Just set up a basic eComm site.

Use Google to create basic ads targeting branded keywords (aka your product name, your company name)…

And that’s it.

Some of you guys and gals out there already do this,

But I know for a fact that a ton of people in Direct Response don’t.

copywritingAnd you’re leaving an absurd amount of money on the table.💸

We did this for one of my agency clients about 9 months ago…

And it’s netted him a healthy 6 figures in that time.

Crazier still —

This client’s Average Order Value is $140…

But his CPA (cost per acquisition) is under $5. 

So the margins are insane.

And, he’s not the only one.

My wife, Laura, set up branded keywords campaigns for her skincare company. She’s increased revenue by 10% already.

I told one of the members in Copy Accelerator to do it (an 8-figure business), and they’ve added a healthy six figures to their profit.

And, we finally got this set up for one of the funnels I’m partnered in…

But, before we did, we already had 4 sales and over $500 in revenue in less than 12 hours, at a sub $20 CPA.

I’m pretty positive that not having branded keyword campaigns set up faster probably cost us at least $100k in lost profit.

copywritingThere were some technical reasons why it took us a while…

But at least they’re set up now.

Again, I know this is super basic to some of you…

But I also know a lot of folks doing 7 and 8 figures who aren’t leveraging branded keywords.

And I’m here to tell you, from experience, you’re really missing out.

Oh, and if you’re a freelancer,

This blog post pertains to you too.

Because imagine if you could offer to do this for a client (to set up the campaigns)…

Then you take a percentage of the gross. 

If you position it as “found money” for the client (which it is),

There’s a reasonable chance they’ll say yes.

And on your end, it takes less than an hour to set up the campaigns.

Then you don’t even need to manage it, or create new ads, etc…

It’s set and forgotten.

The only additional work you might need to do is help them set up a super basic eComm site that the AdWords campaigns goes to.

But even that should only take a few hours.

And, considering you can secure a large chunk of 6, or maybe even 7 figures of revenue by doing this…

I’d say it’s worth your time 🙂

Okay, that’s it for now.

Hope you have a great day!


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Stefan Georgi

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