“Hey CA Live Crew!

Excited to join again for the next CA Live from my humble abode outside Toronto.

The lineup is crazy and can’t wait to connect with more of you.

I joined CA back at the Vegas event (Gold I thing) and it was the best decision for myself and my career.

Before joining I already worked with some amazing clients and had some notable successes, but being a part of this group has brought shit to another level.

Can’t wait to connect with more of you.

On a personal note, I live just outside Toronto with my family…

You’ll find me taking long rides with the top off my Jeep…

And no matter what the local Mom’s say…

It definitely was NOT a mid-life crisis purchase.

But I’ll admit…


And I don’t care.

The rubber roaring and turbo squealing  when I roll up my suburban street and hop an unpaved 5-inch curb without giving it a second thought… that’s the shit I live for.

Oh. And I get it dirty, too.

It’s just one of the perks of being able to really control your lifestyle thanks to the freedom created by having an in-demand skillset.

I came into CA with a wide range of experience, working with tons of different clients.

And there are others who came with absolute no idea this world existed just 6 months ago.

The one thing I’d say for anyone attending for the first time:

You belong here.

And if you commit yourself, this is a community (virtually now) where you can sort of “skip  the line” when it comes to knowing what’s working online in real-time.

Feel free to connect with me here — but know that I mostly share memes I make while watching Netflix (like this one). Tell me I’m wrong. So if you’re into sort of thing, I’m your man.”

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Stefan Georgi

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