“I just felt that my ailment was that there are people who are starting and successful, and I learn from both sides. It was really exciting.

A couple of big reasons why I rejoined again, it was my second year in the program. I find that the community’s invaluable advice.

If I am doing something or starting a new project or getting something done, I go into the group and ask. Then get expert advice in seconds, it helps me skip steps and helps me save time. Helps me direct my team on the right path, which is really invaluable when you own a business and time is money.

The other thing is the support of the group, just people who are willing to help and jump in to provide any types of support that you need and everybody is very helpful.

I can hire writers from the group, and we’ve increased our profitability and on our blog. We are getting more clicks and getting more people interested in our blog.

I am getting good at writing headlines, which is great, so it improves a lot on the business's writing side, which obviously turns that to dollars for me and my business.

It is a good group of supportive people, and there are people from walks of life like people who are starting and tenured business owners.

Everybody is sharing, and we all have something to learn from everybody in the team or the group. I really love success stories, hearing people quitting their job and earning $20k to $30k per month.

It is a very exciting thing to be around like-minded people and be absorbing all the success and hearing backstories as well. Some people are sharing things that will prevent maybe a mistake that will happen later on.

It is a very good group of people and a good environment to be around. Stefan and Justin are always there to help and guide the team. Stefan and Justin are always helpful and ready to help everybody that asks for it.

It is definitely something that I recommend to everybody and tries it out. My revenues have increased since I joined the team.”

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Stefan Georgi

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