“I’m not trying to kiss anyone’s ass here…

But can we all thank Stefan for overdelivering his ass off?

I know I’m truly thankful for it.

I never decided to specialize or niche down in copy. Who knows, maybe I’d be further along in my copy-life if I did, but I’m happy where I am.

This means that I go from writing emails for lawyers, to scale pages for women's’ health, to webinars for the financial niche, to emails for supplement companies, to Facebook ads for SaaS, and so on.

And not just Stefan Georgi, but everyone who helped contribute.

I needed to write a financial sales letter I peeped Jake Hoffberg’s module

Now I’m writing a webinar in the same space – checked Austin Dixon’s module.

I was writing and designing an ecomm page for a supplement brand and I watched Sabah Karimi’s module.

My client wanted fascination bullets in his lead mag… Boom it’s in one of Stefan’s modules.

Needed to write upsells – Jonathan Boyd and Justin Goff had me covered.

Each one of those could be their own freaking course ranging from $297-$997 EACH. But we get all of it for the one-time price we paid of $997.

Just posting this to say thank you. You all have impacted my life in amazing ways.

If I ever end up as a bag boy at a grocery store, there’s no doubt that it’s 100% my fault when amazing tools like this exist to help copywriters.”

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Stefan Georgi

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