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A Great Conversation…


Yo yo 🙂

A week ago or so, Amber Spears and Jimmy Parent came over to the AirBNB Laura and I are staying at.

Amber lives in San Diego…

And Jimmy was in town for an event Oren Klaff was doing…

So, we all decided to converge…

And it was so much fun! 🤩

We ordered gluten free pizzas from California Pizza Kitchen…😋

Drank several White Claws and a few shots of tequila (Jimmy stuck to La Croix because he’s smart)…

Then, I plugged in my microphone…🎤

And we sat around the kitchen counter and talked for almost two hours straight.

The conversation was far reaching, but some of the topics included:

Mental Health and Depression

ADD and Adderall

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

Our Origin Stories

Our First Sales Jobs

Selling Stuff You Feel Good About vs. Stuff You Feel Shitty About

Affiliate Marketing

Copywriting (Of Course)

Why Mindset Is The Most Important Skill

How to Be A Leader in Times of Crisis

The Importance of Masterminds

How to Build Teams and Create Leverage in Your Business

Being Open to Talking About Your Struggles

Joe Polish

Doing Embarrassing Stuff and Not Being Bothered By It

Love Languages

And a whole lot more.

The whole thing was recorded…

And my team has been working on this around the clock to get the conversation online as fast as we can…

That way, you can check it out if you want to.

I feel really blessed to be in the industry I’m in…

And to have the relationships that I have.

Even in times of uncertainty…

The fact that we could all come together…

Talk business, mindset, leadership, entrepreneurship, etc…

For two hours straight…

Without taking a breath…

How freaking cool is that?

Anyways, keeping this one short…

But be on the lookout for the recording…

Because I really think you’ll get a lot of value from our conversation.


P.S. Oh yeah, in case you don’t know who Amber or Jimmy are:

Amber Spears is one of the foremost experts on affiliate marketing in the world.

She has an agency that helps large companies connect with affiliates and grow their sales.

She’s worked with almost every big offer or company you can think of, and she also works with some large enterprise level clients like Agora Financial and Clickbank.

Plus, she was the keynote speaker at Affiliate Summit West this last year, and she’s co-founder of the Mimosa Mastermind, which is an incredible twice-a-year event that’s attended by many of the biggest names in eComm and Direct Response.

And Jimmy Parent is one of the best copywriters and marketing minds on earth. He did a tour of duty with Agora Financial before breaking out onto his own. Most recently he’s been handling a ton of the marketing for Oren Klaff, who is a best selling author and marketer who has over 1 million of his books in print. Jimmy also has several of his own offers in various niches, and occasionally does freelance work for a who’s who list of clients in the direct response space.

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