More White Claws + More Copywriters = Amazing Copy Breakdown [Video]

A while back, I had several members of the Copy Accelerator Mastermind over to my house to hang out.

We ate some good food, drove around in my golf cart, and talked shop…

And of course, there was lots of white claw and a little bit of tequila involved as well.

At some point in the late afternoon…

We decided that since we were all together…

copy acceleratorWe might as well do a Sales Letter Breakdown. 👨‍💻

So, we gathered in my living room…

Set up a camera and a screen capture…🎥

Picked a random sales letter on Clickbank…

And dove right in.

Specifically it was me, my wife Laura, Dan Ferrari, Pauline Longdon, Rae Brent, Ning Li, Matthew Shuebrook, Jamie Lynch, Letian Li, Eli Cohen, Angeline Silva, Chris Santos, and Jude Charles…

And we had a TON of fun doing this.🤩

Some of the big things we ended up covering  include:

Generic Copy vs. Specificity

Believability (How to Increase It)

Getting Your Messaging Right (One USP vs. Multiple)

Design Elements and how Impactful They are on Conversions

Unique Mechanisms

And a lot more.

If you want to watch the breakdown, here’s the link to go view it on YouTube.

The actual copy critique starts at about the 6 minute mark…

But there’s some funny stuff that happens before that point as well…

So, up to you where you start from.

If you do check out the video and find it valuable or interesting…

Please leave me a comment on YouTube letting me know!


P.S. One of the coolest things about this video is all of the unique perspectives the group brings to the sales letter. Dan Ferrari made some incredible points, but so did Ning, Laura, Matthew Shuebrook, Pauline, and everyone else.

So, it’s really fun watching what happens when a bunch of the best copywriters get together to talk shop…

Especially since we all noticed different things about the sales copy that could have been improved.

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Stefan Georgi

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