Why I’m Such A Believer In Masterminds

So here’s how I’ve spent the first three hours of my morning so far…🌞
First, a friend of mine who I introduced to online marketing hit me up.

He’s trying to become a copywriter. He’s been working on long-form sales letters and asking me for critiques and I’ve been telling him I don’t have the bandwidth (I give like 12+ critiques a week to Copy Accelerator Members and I also closely guard my time).

Why I’m Such A Believer In Masterminds

But then as I was thinking about it, I had a lightbulb moment. I told him he should focus on writing email copy.✍ Because I have seen some of his writing, and it’s pretty good. The problem he faces currently is just that going from scratch to writing killer long-form letters is a process and takes time. And, he’s kind of cash strapped at the moment.

So I showed him a bunch of examples of email sequences (ARMs), re-order sequences, partials, etc. Then I showed him all of my email creatives swipe files. Then I gave him one of our new sales letters, and told him to practice writing some creatives for it. I said to focus on great subject lines first, then the body copy. I told him that the entire goal of the Subject Line is to get someone to open the email. Then the entire goal of the body is to get someone to click over to the copy. But there has to be a continuity between subject line, email copy, and the sales letter to make it all coherent.

Why I’m Such A Believer In Masterminds

I mentioned to my friend that if he can get good at these, people will happily pay him at least $50 per email, and upwards of $500 over time.💲

Then for good measure, I actually wrote a creative for the offer I’d showed him on the spot (benefitted me too), just so he could see what it looked like, and how easy it is.

Finally, I told him that once he does some practice creatives and I think he’s ready, I’ll pay him $50 per creative to write 5-10 for me. And if those are good, I’ll keep hiring him, plus I’ll start referring him to other people as well. I have no doubt that if he follows all of my advice and applies it, he’ll go from broke to $3k – $10k per month in the next 30 days.

Then the owner of an 8 figure company hit me and Justin up via email…

…asking if we could refer good UX/UI designer. This guy’s company has a TON of projects, and they need a strong designer who can be a workhorse for them. Fortunately, I had a good referral for them. I have a friend in this space who is an awesome dude, does great work, and is always looking for clients. So I did an intro email. If it works out for my designer friend, it’ll be a game-changing opportunity for him and his agency. And it will significantly help the 8 figure company too, by solving a massive pain point of theirs.

Next, a former consulting client of mine reached out to me.

I helped him go from never writing a single piece of long-form copy, to writing a killer long-form VSL, in 30 days. Granted, he was already a really talented copywriter to start. But the reason he was able to do this VSL so fast is because he followed my RMBC Method step-by-step. It went live last night and he got his first sale after 30 clicks (at a $240 AOV btw). So he’s stoked and I’m stoked for him.

Anyways – this client is also a good media buyer. He wants to get the offer going on GDN and Ad Words, but he doesn’t know the compliance landscape. So I just connected him to someone I know (and who I’ve used personally) who is probably the best in the world at Google Compliance. Should be a big win-win for both of them.

Oh, that same client wants to hire somebody to manage his email data and monetize it, by the way.

Why I’m Such A Believer In Masterminds

A friend of mine and ex-business partner…

… just told me yesterday that they were going to start offering their data monetization services to outside clients. So I’m connecting the two of them together and we’ll see how that goes.

Next, I had my weekly call with Tommy…

… who runs my eComm Agency. He’s doing a killer job, literally every single client is getting a huge ROI each month, and he wants to grow and scale more. So I hit up one of my buddies in this space (super well known guy, most of you know have heard his name), and shared a link to the new Agency Lander that Tommy made. I chose to reach out to this buddy because he’d been asking about referring people our way. And you’ll note I didn’t feel any shame in sharing the link with him, and letting him know that all referrals are happily accepted. I give all the time, and I don’t mind asking either.

Then the VP of Biz Dev for my Call Center messaged me…

Why I’m Such A Believer In Masterminds

Yesterday I intro’d her to a friend of mine who does supplement sales, coaching/training, and a bunch of other stuff. He was interested in learning more about our call center so I connected them. She said the call went great, and they’re going to do business together. Another win-win. Oh, plus that’s the third referral I’ve sent to Sarah (our VP of Biz Dev) this week – all just from people hitting me up and saying they need a good call center.

Finally, I got an email from someone in our space with a breakdown of his new funnel optimization agency he launched…

…and the referral program he’s created around it. This is after I talked with this guy yesterday on FB messenger for a bit.

I know this guy does really good work and he has a crazy client list, so I have no problems sending clients his way. Especially since he bought a ticket to the Copy Accelerator Mastermind in Austin. All about that reciprocity.

Point is:

Don’t let anyone tell you that your personal network, and who you know, isn’t important. It’s massive. Probably the most important thing.

Let’s go back through that list of people I interacted with in the first 3 hours of my day today:

“A friend of mine who I introduced to online marketing hit me up.”

He attended my Copy Intensive mastermind last April. He probably wasn’t ready for it yet (wasn’t even in online marketing or writing copy, just was flush with cash at the time). But by attending he got the relationship with me. And the advice and guidance I gave him today is probably going to change his financial future forever (if he follows it).

Why I’m Such A Believer In Masterminds

“Then the owner of an 8 figure company hit me and Justin up via email”

The 8-figure business owner has three members enrolled in Copy Accelerator, and he’s going to be attending the event in Austin. He also attended the mastermind that Justin and I did at T&C this year, and that’s where I first met him.

And the friend I referred him to? I’d heard his name for years, but the first time I met him was at the Mimosa Mastermind at T&C this year. Then we got on some calls, talked, I saw his work, and realized he was someone I could happily refer business to.

“Next a former consulting client of mine reached out to me.”

This guy I didn’t meet at a mastermind. He basically had just heard of me and we connected via chance. But when I was in Fort Worth for a Mastermind in late May, he made the effort to fly into town for a day to meet with me. As a result, even though he’s not my consulting client anymore, the face time was really valuable. So I had no problem helping him out.

Why I’m Such A Believer In Masterminds

And the “ex-business partner” I referred him to, for the email monetization stuff? I met that ex-business partner at a mastermind in 2016 and we did close $50MM in sales together in the year that followed. He’s still running some of the offers I wrote during that partnership (after a buyout) and they’re now pushing over $100MM in revenue.

“Next I had my weekly call with Tommy”

I didn’t meet Tommy at a mastermind. But the guy I reached out to, and asked him to send referrals to the new Agency Landing Page? Yep, met him at a mastermind.

Then the VP of Biz Dev for my Call Center messaged me.

I actually met my VP of Biz Dev at T&C two years ago, when she was working for another company. The referral she messaged me about today? Met him at a mastermind. The other two referrals I sent to her this week? Yep, know both of them through masterminds too.

Finally, I got an email from someone in our space with a breakdown of his new funnel optimization agency he launched.

As mentioned, he’s attending our live event in Austin and is now part of the Copy Accelerator Mastermind. So I was happy to help.

So, being completely honest…

You can have ZERO special skillsets or talents, and still never be broke if your network is great.

And if you are talented and skilled, well then you won’t just be broke, you’ll be rich.

One more quick case in point:

Why I’m Such A Believer In Masterminds

In the Spring of 2016 I went to Ed O’Keefe’s Time Collapsing Event in Chicago. It was the first mastermind I’d ever gone to.

At that point I was a successful copywriter, but really didn’t know the full online marketing industry very well. I’d had my company Holy Land Health for about a year at that point, we’d done $1MM in revenue and lost $200,000 total. This is pre-that France mastermind I wrote about previously, so you better believe the “you’re not good enough, you don’t belong” self-talk was in my head.

But anyways, through that mastermind I met a guy named Braun who said he had a good affiliate referral for me. I was just starting to dabble with affiliates at that point, but I said “sure I’d love the connection.” So Braun fired off an email. It took him maybe 30 seconds. The email was to Steven Patton who at the time was with Ad Health (now he’s with 7ROI).

At first, Steven said he was going to pass on my offer because I’d already given the offer to W4. But after a few months and seeing the offer starting to gain traction, Steven reached back out and said he wanted to give it a try.

In the year that followed, of the $23MM in revenue I did with Holy Land Health, probably about $17MM of that came from Steven’s affiliate network. And if you add in the traffic they sent to some other offers I did with other partners in the second half of that year, Steven and I probably did close to $30MM together in about 16 months.

Crazy, right?

And it all happened because I attended Ed’s mastermind….

Why I’m Such A Believer In Masterminds

Just like getting my name out there and developing relationships with all of these high-level business owners all started when I went to that France mastermind…

Just like every connection I made or helped with this morning can be tied-back to me attending a mastermind.

Honestly, going to masterminds has been the single greatest ROI activity I have EVER done in my life.


Practically my entire network can be traced back to a mastermind I attended.


P.S. This post originally came from an email I sent to my private list. If you want to see more stuff like this from me, you can apply to join my list using this link.


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