What I Learned From Writing 8 Sales Letters In The Last 60 Days

Between roughly August 1st and October 1st …

I wrote 8 full length sales letters.✍

This isn’t the first time I’ve written a ton of sales letters in such a short period of time…🕚

Back in my Lion’s Publishing days…

I would write between 8-12 sales letters a MONTH…

But it was my first time doing such a high volume of copy in the last five years or so…

And I wanted to test myself…📝

To see if I still had it in me.

What I Learned From Writing 8 Sales Letters In The Last 60 Days

So, here’s what I learned:👇

1. The RMBC Method Works.

I’m not going to harp on this too much because most of you guys have heard me talk about RMBC a ton at this point. But the reason I created the RMBC Method was because I needed a framework for producing tons of high copy in a small amount of time. It worked then and it still works today, which is of course very reaffirming.

2. The Last 4 Letters Were WAY Easier to Write Than The First Four.

This one is kind of interesting. The first letter I wrote took by far the most time. It took me two weeks, and I struggled through some parts of it. It was honestly kind of frustrating.

The second letter I wrote in less time – about a week…

And numbers three and four each took around a week as well.

But then, around the 5th letter, something interesting happened…

It started becoming really automatic.

What I Learned From Writing 8 Sales Letters In The Last 60 Days

It became really easy.

Of the last four letters I wrote, I’d say I averaged maybe 4 days per…

And for the last two letters I wrote, they took about 2.5 days each.

So, what’s the lesson or takeaway on that?

I think a big part of why it became easier is that I started really getting into the “zone.”

Good copywriting is like a muscle, the more you exercise it, the more it grows.

Where that analogy dies though, is the fact that unlike with muscles in your body…

You can exercise your copy/writing muscle pretty much every day…

And it just grows stronger.

I know for me personally, about halfway through doing this I was like “what the hell am I doing? I don’t really need to write any more letters, financially I’m comfortable, I have other income streams, etc”…

But, by the time I finished letter #8, I immediately wanted to write more letters…

Because I was in a groove, it felt like writing letters was the easiest thing in the world, and I was enjoying it, so why stop?

Just to put the above in another way, the lesson here is that the more you write, the easier it gets.

That’s actually an important takeaway: want to get really good at writing copy? Then write a LOT of it.

3. You Can Still Write A Pretty Insane Amount of Copy Output While Having A Busy Life

Here’s a list of the other stuff I did during the 60 days I was writing these 8 letters:

– Went to NYC for a week to attend ASE and spend time with Laura’s family (8/7 – 8/14)

– Went to Austin for a week to do our Copy Accelerator Event (9/6 – 9/13)

– Went to a wedding in Charleston, South Carolina (9/20 – 9/22)

– Attended/presented at the Titans Mastermind in Connecticut with Justin (9/25-9/27)

– Continued to actively run Copy Accelerator with Justin and do weekly training calls + daily copy critiques in the FB Group

What I Learned From Writing 8 Sales Letters In The Last 60 Days

– Continued to do weekly calls with my coaching clients

– Continued be involved in my Call Center, my Agency, and several Health Offers

– Played golf + spent time with my wife and daughter.

A lot of the key here comes down to discipline + time management skills. Also prioritization. Even though I did all of this other stuff during the 60 day period, when I was working, the vast majority of the time that work was writing copy.

I had Skype closed pretty much the entire time, and only opened it for a few minutes once or twice a week. I had a Chrome window with tabs for all of the other messaging apps like Facebook, Slack, Gmail etc – and I just hid that pretty much all day. In fact, the only Chrome windows I kept open regularly were the ones with the research for whatever offer I was writing. And when I got into my office each day, instead of logging onto Facebook or doing anything else – I started writing immediately.

In a lot of cases, I ignored messages for days at a time. And guess what? The world didn’t end. When I did get back to people they were totally fine with it. In fact, the only consequence of all this was that I got way more work done.

What I Learned From Writing 8 Sales Letters In The Last 60 Days

4. I’m In No Hurry To Do This Again

Despite the fact that, after I finished letter #8 I felt like I could write eight more, I’m not going to do that.

It was super fun, and really even enjoyable…

And there’s a sort of freedom that comes from disciplined focus, and from just doing one thing masterfully day-after-day.

With that being said though…

I don’t think I’m going to take on a bunch of copy projects again in the foreseeable future.

The reason why is because I want time to plan, be strategic, read, and work on bigger picture stuff. I also want to continue focusing on coaching, training, and mentoring – because those are things that bring me a ton of joy as well.

Anyways – I’d been meaning to write this post for a while and finally did. Hope you guys find it interesting and are able to take some value from it.


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