Louis Vuitton sells their sawdust online

You may have heard me talk about the expression “sell your sawdust” before.đź‘‚

It comes from sawmills, who realized a while back that their sawdust was actually valuable to other industries.🤔

Up until then, they thought it was a waste product…

Turns out, though, it was an asset with value.đź‘Ś

Sawmills aren’t the only ones to arrive at this realization.

I recently read that the owner of Louis Vuitton, LVMH, has begun selling unused luxury fabrics and leathers online at $4 a meter (and up).

Louis Vuitton sells their sawdust onlineThat’s selling your sawdust too.

Until now, if those materials didn’t get used, they’d eventually be destroyed…

Then suddenly, LVMH realized, “Hey, wait a second, people will pay us for this stuff”…

And there you go. A whole new revenue stream.

What I love about selling your sawdust is that, when you think this way, there’s often obvious options right in front of you.

For example:

If you’re writing new copy for a client…

You could use a screen recorder to capture yourself writing the copy.

Then, if that copy you write ends up being a big success…

You’ve got an awesome asset that could be sold in the future to other writers and marketers…

Or that you could “give away” in exchange for people joining a mailing list or doing something else.

That’s just one option…

There are so many others.

Say you’re an eComm Company with a super loyal following.

You could offer customers a subscription to be able to “sit-in” virtually on portions of your weekly or monthly team meetings.

Seems kind of weird…

Louis Vuitton sells their sawdust onlineBut maybe your customers would be curious to see what your team is like, what you’re talking about, how you run meetings, how your company is growing, etc.

You’re going to do those meetings anyways, right?

What if you could get paid for it?

Who knows if that one has legs…

But the point is, there are many ways to sell your sawdust…

So I challenge you to think through some of the opportunities for yourself.


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