On Writing Quickly like a Sociopath

Earlier this week I wrote a new promo.

It took me 2.5 days (M – Weds afternoon).

It’s around 11,000 words. I think it’s really good. The client does too, which is much more important than what I think.

I gotta say though…this one was so easy for me…

I mean REALLY easy…

And I realized why as I was writing it:

It’s because the whole time, I really had the Avatar’s voice in my head.

I really BECAME the spokesman. I was thinking like him…feeling like him…I was him. Everything I wrote came out in his voice, with his accent, his quips, his mannerisms…

As a result…

The words flowed, the writing was lucid, and there was no writers’ blocks or resistance.

And as I was reflecting on this, I also realized that for the times where it does take me longer to write long form sales copy…

One common denominator is that I usually don’t really know the spokesperson or brand that well…or worst still, there is no spokesperson or brand.

In those cases, I struggle to find a voice, and the entire writing process is harder.

So one actionable takeaway for me…

Is that for future projects…

I need to make sure I am ALWAYS so intimately familiar with the spokesperson and brand…

That I can think/hear/speak in their voice.

And if it’s a new brand, I still have to come up with a voice for them and commit to it.

Anyways, just wanted to share ☺

Anyways, I’ll keep this short, but I think it’s a really interesting observation and wanted to share ☺


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Stefan Georgi

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