“As a copywriter who's been through several courses, I can say that RMBC is a cut above the rest.

Not only is it for writing long-form sales letters, but VSLs, emails, advertorials, ads, headlines, subject lines and so much more.

The value is truly immense (the bonuses alone are worth the investment price tag)!

If you thought learning how to write a killer TSL from an industry pro would be enough, Stefan's RMBC packs in the value like sardines in a can.

I actually bought the course for several reasons, but the reason I pulled the trigger was a mammoth 9k word VSL I had to complete for a client which I'd never done before.

Stefan's method ensured my “Aargh! How do I do one of those?!” turned into, “Ahhh, so THIS is how you do it…”

I knew this would be a turning point for my copywriting career.

I was craving a method, a quicker system and blank-page-beating way of writing persuasive sales copy.

And this is it.”

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Stefan Georgi

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