“I’m following the process you guys told me, just a crappy easy VSL recorded webinar right now until it’s dialed in.

Anyway, Tom and I took the suggestion from the group, split tested them, and yesterday was the first day implementing the winners.

Long story short, spent $730 for a day 1 revenue of $1388 at a day 1 1.9 ROAS.

5.4% of leads joined on day 1 (and this is 100% cold traffic, existing list revenue is excluded).

Cost per lead is dropping, the conversion rate is going up. Now I need to start working on upsells. (The first upsell we tried was a bust, and the copy was pretty good, so my working theory is the offer sucked.)

I was literally crippled with anxiety about this whole process when I started. I had no idea if it was going to work or not if the offer was going to tank.

It feels terrible to do. I’m constantly frustrated that things aren’t happening fast enough, but it’s working.

It’s really going to work! And there is not a chance in hell it would be happening without Copy Accelerator!

I’m grateful for all your help and support.”

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Stefan Georgi

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