”I've been writing for all but a year and a half…

I'm not naturally gifted at copywriting and I have more imposter syndrome than anyone you know…

Up until recently, I was doubting myself nearly every day and felt like copywriting just wasn't in the cards for me…

I even started looking for a customer support job because I didn't think I was good enough.


This year, I will be an A-list copywriter thanks to RMBC.

My writing is better than it was even a week ago.

I know how to properly research, how to quickly create a mechanism, and write a winning piece of copy.

I haven't yet written any sales letters, but I am using RMBC to write some of my best emails ever.

Just yesterday, one of my emails brought in $11k in 24 hours…

For a blanket.

And I'm not saying that to brag because I'm sure people have done much more.

But if I can write an email that brings in $11k for a BLANKET…

Just imagine what you could do with it.

RMBC is making me a solid copywriter and it WILL do the same for you.”

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Stefan Georgi

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