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A Massive Carpet Bomb of Social Proof…

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Yo Yo,👋

So at the end of April, I made my copywriting training system available to the public…

And the response has been incredible.🤩

For those who are new to our community,

The program is called The RMBC Method…

It’s the simple but comprehensive, step-by-step system I created over the years…✍

That allows anyone to consistently write high converting sales copy…

And do it in a fraction of the time it takes them right now.

That’s it in a nutshell.

But rather than ramble on about The RMBC Method…

I figured you might like to hear what actual users of RMBC think about the method in their own words.

So, here we go…


RMBC Cuts My Writing Time By 90%

“If there’s one ‘magical pill’ in copywriting, it’s Stefan’s RMBC Method.

It not only cuts your writing time by 90% of what it was before…

But it empowers you to systematically write high converting promos that work on cold traffic.

I go as far as saying that I can clearly see a before-RMBC Method…  and an after-RMBC Method in my copy.

In fact, my businesses are thriving and I’ve never been so confident in my skills as I am right now. A big part of the reason why is thanks to his method.

Honestly, if I were Stefan I would have never shared it – and I’d simply have kept it as my secret weapon to produce multimillion-dollar promos like clockwork, forever.

Luckily for me and everybody else, Stefan is much more altruistic and generous than myself, lol.”

Mattia Paganelli, Entrepreneur and Legendary Italian Copywriter


RMBC Method is a Game-Changer If You Want to Earn Serious Money As A Copywriter.

“It’s rare for a copywriter of Stefan Georgi’s caliber to share their copy secrets while they’re still actively using them. Usually if top copywriters share anything, they’ll share basic and generic information… all designed to help you, but not make you a threat to them.

But Stefan has shared his full copy system that is responsible for not only his own continued success, but the success of countless other ace copywriters. If you want to accelerate your career as a copywriter and earn serious money from your skills quickly, then Stefan’s RMBC Method is a game-changer.”

– Pauline Longdon, High Grossing Copywriter

It Used To Take Me All Day To Write Advertorials. Now I Do Them In Under 2 Hours.

“If you want to write quickly, without ‘overthinking’ every step and be able to churn out one hit after another… whether that’s a direct response sales letter, VSL, email, or an advertorial… then you need to use Stefan’s RMBC Method.

My advertorial writing went from an all-day ‘overthinking’ session to an easy-breezy 2 hours of writing, including the research.

It works. It’s easy. And it removes the ‘procrastination’ feeling that normally creeps in…

It’ll even make you live longer because you won’t be as stressed worrying about how to write your next campaign.

You know what I’m saying is true, so just buy the damn thing. You’ll be grateful you did.”

– Heath Wilcock, Owner of Fold Soup Copy Advertorials


I’m Scaling My First Multi-Million Dollar Funnel Thanks to RMBC

“I’ve sold well over $100MM via sales letters and I’ve realized that ALL my biggest winners followed the same overall outline as The RMBC Method.

What I realized is that I was “accidentally” using this proven outline.

Now I use it for every letter I do, and not only can I write full sales letters in 3-4 days… I’m getting winners way more consistently.

In fact, I just wrote a new letter recently where I forgot to follow it, and it just didn’t feel right. So I went back and redid it based on The RMBC Method and not only did it ‘feel’ more powerful…

It worked well enough that I’m consistently getting 2-2.5x ROI on paid email drops. I’m now in the process of fully rolling this offer out and expect it to be a multimillion-dollar funnel this year!”

– Jeremy Reeves, Copywriter and Offer Owner

Removes All the Confusion and Gets You Writing Copy That Converts!

“The RMBC Method removes all confusion when it comes to writing copy that converts.

I used to struggle to put together sales letters because I didn’t know what to research or how to research it. And I didn’t feel like using those big, long, complicated research docs people are throwing around.

Stefan’s RMBC Method is truly unique and EFFECTIVE.

A big thing most people miss out on is the fact that having a unique mechanism is crucial to copy that converts.

Stefan has a very unique approach to a two-part mechanism which I’d never heard before – it’s extraordinarily simple and effective.

Not only that, but he also takes all the guesswork out of writing good copy.

Having The RMBC Method is like having Stefan looking over your shoulder as you’re writing and giving you world-class feedback on how to make your copy better.”

– Ed Reay, Marketing Genius and Former head of Acquisition for Dan Lok

RMBC Method Has Skyrocketed My Company’s Revenue!

“Stefan’s RMBC Method has made me more money than any other copywriting system, by far. Once I started using this method, I was finally able to crack several new cold traffic sources. That helped me to skyrocket my company’s revenue. The method is super simple to understand and deploy, and the results speak for themselves. No wonder Stefan has had so many cold traffic winners!”

– Boris Enzel, Entrepreneur and Health Marketer in the French Market

RMBC Takes All the Confusing Parts About Copy And Puts Them In Order For You

“I’ve been in several masterminds. Taken every course and read every book I could find on writing effective sales copy. Stefan takes the things I found confusing and puts them in order. In fact, he has put the whole process of writing sales copy in an order that makes it easy to execute. Don’t just get Stefan’s program, use it and watch your bank account fill up quickly from anywhere in the world you choose to be.”

John Rowley


I’ve At Least Doubled My Income Thanks to This System!

“Before RMBC, my head was always awash with half a dozen different sales letter structures and approaches. This meant tons of wasted time, plus a bunch of blind spots that sabotaged my copy.

Since learning RMBC from Stefan, it’s focused, streamlined, and simplified the entire process for me.

Plus, I’ve cut my writing time AT LEAST in half, which means more projects and more money.

It’s basically doubled my up-front income and given a big beautiful boost to my royalty income as well.

RMBC is a lifesaver.”

– Scott Mills, Copywriter

RMBC Helps Me Hit The Sweet Spot Nearly Every Time I Write

“RMBC is the most efficient way of writing copy, period. I’ve sold around $50 million worth of products and services online. And there’s no doubt in my mind I could have 5x’d that if I came across The RMBC Method a few years earlier.

Because every good copywriter knows that feeling where you just “nail” a sales letter. When all the right words fire out of your fingertips… and the whole thing just flows effortlessly, from headline to close…

Well… instead of relying on “inspiration” to create those magic moments, RMBC gives you a systematic process

for hitting that sweet spot… nearly every single time.

It produces better copy, faster, with less struggle.

Hell, just the “Mechanism” portion alone will help you write more winners right out of the gate.”

– Mario Castelli, 8 Figure Copywriter

It Basically Forces You to Write Winners

“The RMBC Method is hands down the most effective, fastest way to write high converting sales pages that work. Simply follow it from top-to-bottom every time and you can’t help but write a winner… every time! Thanks so much, Stefan!”

– Jason W. Strachan



I’ve Cut My Writing Time In Half And Doubled My Personal Income With RMBC

“RMBC gives you the structure and flow required to bang out winning promos on demand. It’s like a fast-track to confidence when writing copy. After years of ‘winging’ my writing process, I finally have clarity when approaching ANY new project, in any niche. After replacing my process with RMBC I cut my writing time in half, allowing me to double my personal income from copywriting without working a minute more (I actually work a lot less, if I’m honest).”

– Darren Hanser, 8 Figure Copywriter

Like I said, a massive carpet bomb of social proof 🙂

But I wanted you to hear what other people’s experience has been like with RMBC…

Because no matter whether you’re a business owner, or a freelancer…

This step-by-step copywriting system can change your life – it’s really that simple.

So, if you’re ready to get instant access to this system…

Here’s what you need to do:

Members of my Copy Accelerator Mastermind pay upwards of $30,000 per year to be trained on The RMBC Method…

But you can get access to all 16 in-depth, easy-to-follow modules…

For just $997.

Or, if cash flow is an issue…

You can also choose the payment plan…

Where it’s four payments of $397.

Here’s a link to the Paid in Full Checkout…

And here’s a link to the 4 Payments Checkout. 

So, go ahead and click on one of those now…

And then, the second you’ve completed your order…

You get instant access to the entire program and you can dive right in.



P.S. Generally, I’m just pumping out super value-driven content every single day…

But for this post…

You’ve heard about RMBC a lot.

I have to talk about this…

The program has changed hundreds of people’s lives.

My friend, Ed Reay, says I’m “doing God’s work”…

And it sounds funny…

But I kind of think he’s right.

Because this is the chance to literally transform your business, and your writing, in a strikingly short period of time.

So if I didn’t do everything in my power to try and get this program into as many people’s hands as possible…

I’d be doing them a great disservice.

Hopefully you understand 🙂

P.P.S. There is a guarantee here. I’m not publicizing it a ton, because the course is so badass and I don’t feel like I need one. But yeah – if you get into The RMBC Method and you don’t think it’s the right fit for you, just let me know and I’ll happily refund your investment with no bitterness or irritation.

I’d rather you take a chance with checking it out, and potentially change your life…

Then hear that you never gave RMBC a shot and have things stay the same.

So that’s why the guarantee is there 🙂

P.P.P.S. This post originally came from an email I sent to my private list. If you want to see more stuff like this from me, you can apply to join my list using this link.

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