A Meditation on Persuasion…

Here’s something interesting to think about:🤔

Direct response copywriting has never gone “mainstream” before…

And probably never will.

Why is that interesting?👌

Because good DR copywriting continues to be a “secret weapon” for the initiated…🧐

Meaning, that for those of us who know how to craft words that lead to action…

There will always be an abundance of opportunities…

For at least as long as people keep trying to persuade one another.

Team of secret agents

We’re professional persuaders.

And it goes much deeper than just selling a product or service:

A true copywriter can persuade others to:✅

  • Buy a product or service
  • Try a product or service
  • Vote for a politician
  • Adopt a new governmental policy
  • Change their opinion about an idea
  • Consider a new idea for the first time
  • Become a promoter for an idea
  • Change their opinion about individuals and groups
  • Take physical action
  • Make lifestyle changes
  • Change their external relationship dynamics
  • Change their internal relationship with themselves
  • Reconfigure their hierarchy of needs
  • Become more charitable
  • Change loyalties to a person, thing, or place…

And that’s just a partial list I typed up on the fly.

Businessman and shadow superhero.

The point is…

We have a superpower.

And it’s not just that we can get people to “buy stuff.”

We have the power to change people mentally, emotionally, and physically.

It’s pretty incredible.

And one thing I really try to be cognizant of…

Is the fact that good copywriting doesn’t just apply to a sales funnel…

Persuasion happens in so many mediums:

  • Sales calls
  • Sales appointments
  • First dates
  • Presentations
  • Pitches
  • Media appearances
  • Op-Eds
  • Therapy
  • Coaching
  • Personal training
  • Conversations with your spouse
  • Advertisements on TV/radio/print
  • Political speeches
  • Digital ads
  • Infomercials
  • Sales letters
  • Scientific papers
  • Non-fiction writing
  • Fiction
  • Sermons…

Again, that’s just a partial list.

But hopefully it has your wheels turning…

Because the more you can keep the above in mind…

The more “durable” and resilient you will be.

If you understand the principles of Direct Response Copywriting…

You will always be at an advantage.

You will always have opportunities (even in a recession or depression)…

And there will always be the potential for abundance in your life.

So please, don’t take your powers of persuasion for granted…

Your words are the blade that cuts through the noise in this world…

But in order to reach your mark,

The blade must be continuously sharpened… 

Or before long, it’ll grow dull.



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