“Why Perfection Is The Enemy” – The Road to a Billion with Stefan Georgi Episode 2

Good morning 🙂

Yesterday, I recorded the second episode of my call-in radio show, The Road to a Billion With Stefan Georgi…

And I’ve got to tell you – it was just as fun this second time as it was the first.

The episode started with me talking for a bit about why perfection is the enemy and why being messy is a winning strategy in business…

Then we jumped right into Q&As…

Here’s a quick breakdown of the different questions I addressed during the call (maybe I answered a question that’s been on your mind too):

[14:02 to 24:27]  How to write high-converting copy for Facebook while remaining compliant. Facebook compliance expert, Ed Reay, chimes in to share the 3 Key pillars of Facebook Advertising.

[24:30 to 26:55]  Why your copy should focus more on positivity than negativity on Facebook.

[27:02 to 31:44] What are some good exercises for newer copywriters to improve their skills?

[32:11 to 36:04] The BIGGEST mistake people make when writing copy for their own offers.

[36:21 to 40:27] What are the best practices and habits for overcoming resistance when sitting down to write copy?

[40:30 to 46:10] If your client has done the research for you, do you still take the time to research your own stuff or just go off the client’s expertise?

[46:20 to 48:41] How to apply the RMBC method to emails, Facebook Ads, e-commerce, etc.

[49:15 to 52:05] How many hours in a day should newbie copywriters study? What’s the right balance?
[52:30 to 1:03:25] The RIGHT questions to ask your clients to position yourself for success when you are first starting out (this will help you charge higher rates faster!)

[1:03:27 to 1:05:29]  The most CRUCIAL Mindset shift for all freelancers to maximize success (this will change your life!)

[1:05:54 to 1:08:47] Why Stefan does what he does. WARNING, this part gets a bit emotional…

[1:09:11 to 1:12:53] The Mindset that separates the ultra successful copywriters from everyone else

[1:13:30 to 1:24:36]  What are some of the best ways to find good quality clients when you are first starting out as a freelancer?

[1:24:38 to 1:31:04]  How much money do you need to launch a digital ebook offer? What about a supplement offer?

A big thanks to Mony Zarazua from my team who wrote those bullets and the description for me…

And when you go watch the replay, you’ll be able to click on the time stamps and skip to the questions that you’re most interested in hearing the answer for…

Though I do also think that if you’ve got the time, watching the whole replay is worthwhile!

Here’s the replay link so you can check it out.

Hope you have an awesome day and finish up your week strong!


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