A Trembling, Convulsing Bird

NOTE: part of this post might be hard to read, but I promise it has a happy ending.😊

One evening, my daughter, wife and I were in the family room playing before bed…

When we heard a loud THUMP sound.

I immediately knew it had to be a bird…🦅

And when I looked at the window, I could see a gooey smudge and feathers stuck to the glass.

My heart sank…

And looking down to the ground outside the window…I saw a bird that was contorted and mangled-looking.

For a minute I sat there, just staring at it…😳

Then I watched as the bird snapped his wing back into place – so that he looked at least like a bird is supposed to look.

After that though, the bird just sat there trembling and shaking…

It looked as if he was shivering.

It left me with a dilemma…

Do we try and bring the bird inside and nurse it?

Do I go kill it to put it out of its misery?

Do I leave the bird alone, and let the course of nature play out?

Ultimately I decided to leave the bird as it was…

Because while it really broke my heart…

I just didn’t think us intervening would do much…

And I didn’t want to go smash its brain in, robbing the bird of a chance at life.

And that’s where the happy ending comes…

Because a few hours later, after my wife and I had gone out to meet with a friend and then returned home…🕗

The bird was gone.

It’s possible some sharp-toothed predator came and grabbed the bird in the few hours we were gone, eating him alive, and leading to an excruciating and grizzly death…

But the higher probability is that the bird recovered, bounced back, and flew away.

And it made me SO happy to see this…

I found it inspiring, the resiliency of this bird.

And I thought about how for these animals, survival is an instinct…

Something they will fight for with every fiber of their being.

I think we can take a lesson from that…

When it comes to pursuing our dreams and goals as freelancers, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

What if failure wasn’t an option?

What if this was life or death?

How would you respond?

What actions would you take?

What kind of “animal” would you become?

And even before we get to that, looking at your priorities…

What are the things in your life that you're truly willing to fight for?



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Stefan Georgi

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