Dimensionalized Benefits

Do you know what a “dimensionalized benefit” is?🤔

It’s where you take the benefit of a product or service and add more layers (aka, dimensions).

For example, say you’re a car salesperson and you’re selling a new Range Rover.

One of the “features” may be that it has heated seats.

The obvious benefit of heated seats is that they warm you up…🥵

But how do you dimensionalize this benefit?

Let’s take a crack at what the car salesperson might say:👇

“What’s really special about these seat heaters is how quickly they fire to life. Your butt, and really your whole backside, will begin to feel noticeably warmer in less than 30 seconds. Just imagine that it’s the winter, when the ground is covered in snow and it’s frigid outside, yet you’re gliding through that wintry landscape and it feels like you’re in your own warm little cabin…where you’re sitting right by the fireplace and you don’t have a care in the world.”

See the difference?

I’m kind of over-flourishing with my word choice here to highlight this example…

But the point is, you’re taking a simple benefit and you’re adding layers of dimension to it.

This is kind of what real estate agents do whenever they show a house with a nice balcony or deck that has a good view.

“Just imagine sipping your morning coffee out here!”

I swear, it’s almost like you’re not allowed to be a real estate agent unless you say that line to your clients at least once per day, haha.

But anyway, that’s one dimension…

Though the best agents will add many additional layers too…

“This would be a great place to sip your morning coffee. But also, I’m sure you can just picture watching your kids playing down below. It’s the perfect bird's eye view. And of course, the way the sun sets, it’ll never have direct sunlight hitting you, so even in the late afternoon you’ll be able to sit out here and enjoy the view.”



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